How to Manage Android Data on Computer?

Android device is one of the mainstream portable devices on the market. It has become the biggest competitor for iOS devices. It is undeniable that Android devices have taken so many pleasures into our life, but are you sure that you're managing your Android contents in the most effective way? If not, you need to read this article to learn how to do it systematically.

To organize Android data on computer, you need a professional yet reliable Android Manager software as your assistant. So here we take Android Mobile Manager here to meet your demands. And in this page, we'll focus on how to manage all your HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorala, or many other Android phones' contents and settings on your computer by using this powerful program. First of all, you need to download and install this powerful program on your Windows computer.

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Generally speaking, this article will divided into several parts. You can read them one by one or select any section you're interested in to learn more as you like.

Part 1. How to Backup, Edit Contacts and Text Messages on Computer
Part 2. How to Manage Media Files (Video, Music, Photos, etc.) on Your Desktop PC
Part 3. How to Install/Uninstall Apps from Computer to Android Phones

Preparation Works: First of all, you need to connect your Android phones to computer and enable USB debugging, then follow the instructions to install drivers on your mobile phone. Please check the below interface to know more the steps.

Enable USB Debugging:

Part 1. How to Backup, Edit Contacts and Text Messages on Computer

Contacts and text messages is the most important part of mobile phones. And they are also one of the most easily lost data in the daily life and work. So we need to backup them before the tragedy happen.

When your mobile phone is successfully checked by the program, you can click "Contacts" button to preview your contacts list and all text conversions on the program directly. Click "Backup" button, you'll have the ability to transfer the whole contacts and SMS messages to your local computer for backup.
- In the SMS section, you can click "Send" button to directly text anyone you want by using this program directly. (You can text multiple people at one time).
- In the contacts section, you're enabled to add new contacts, edit existing contacts information, delete any unnecessary contacts, etc. from your mobile phone with one click.

Part 2. How to Import/Export Media Files (Video, Music, Photos, etc.)

You may saved lots of media files like photos, music or video files on your Android phones, or perhaps you wish to import your favorite songs from the local disk to your Android phones, right? Don't worry, you can do it with the powerful program.

- Enter "Photo", "Music" or "Video" categories, and click "Import" button to select and add pictures, songs or movies from your computer to mobile phone in one click.
- When you're in the interface of the detailed music, photo or video list, you can select any file by checking the box besides the file name, and then hit "Export" button to export and save these selected media files on computer perfectly.

Here, you're also enabled to delete any unnecessary media files by clicking "Delete" button. In the same steps, you can organize books or other documents on your mobile phone SD card as you like.

Part 3. Install/Uninstall Apps from Computer to Android Phones

Under the "Apps" option, you can see all installed apps on the program one by one. Select any app and choose "Uninstall" button, then this app will be removed from your Android phone thoroughly. If you want to install new app to your mobile phone, you can click "Add APP" option and then select files to import from your computer or storage device.

Believe us, you can manage your Android data more systematically by using this powerful Android Mobile Manager software. No matter what is your final decision, we highly recommend you to try this program before making a decision.

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