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6 Android File Transfer Apps You Can't Miss

Due to various reasons, Android users often need to transfer files from their mobile phone to other devices like computer. In this case, Android file transfer App is in high demand since this kind of application can help to ease the transferring process. Then which file transfer App is the best option for Android users? This article will introduce 6 high-rated Apps for your reference.

Top 1. Best Android File Transfer App - Android Mobile Manager

Top 2. Send Anywhere

Top 3. SHAREit

Top 4. AirDroid

Top 5. Share Music & Transfer Files - Xender

Top 6. SuperBeam

#1 Android Mobile Manager

As the name suggests, Android Mobile Manager is a great software that can be used to manage different types of data on Android devices. It not only allows you to transfer files between Android and computer with simple clicks, but also enables you to edit, delete and add files on your device. What's more important, its "One-click Backup & Restore" function empowers you to backup and restore your phone data with one click.

Android File Transfer for PC Android File Transfer for Mac

Now let's have a brief look on this powerful Android file transfer App:

  1. It provides two connection options - connect via USB or Wi-Fi.
  2. Export/Import contacts, call logs, text messages, music, photos, videos, book and Apps between Android and PC/Mac.
  3. Delete/remove unwanted or useless files from Android.
  4. Add new contacts or edit existing contact files on your phone.
  5. Send, receive, resend, copy and forward text messages.
  6. Take screenshots on your Android device.
  7. Backup all your Android files and restore them with one click.

Want to know how to use this file transfer App? Just click to get the full guide on this tool.

Android File Transfer App

#2 Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is another great file sharing App for Android that can be used to share different types of files across different Android devices. It uses different techniques for the transfers, which makes it ideal for people with different preferences. You can transfer files directly to another device or even send the files as an email attachment with the help of this tool.

What's more important, you are allowed to enhance the security of the sent files during the transfer by created a special key. With such a key, receiver can only open and view your files after entering the keyword. Alternatively, you can also use a linking method to transfer. This requires you to create a link that can be as big as 1TB then share it with the intended recipient especially if they are many.

File Transfer App - Top 2

#3 SHAREit

If you want a tool that is compatible with different operating systems and works faster than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, then SHAREit is what you need. You just need to download it on both the sending and receiving devices for it to work better. Then you can use it to share different types of files ranging from photos to Apps across multiple platforms easily.

The App also makes it easier to send files to multiple people at once. You only need to create a group then send all the files you want with a few simple clicks. But to smoothly use this application, the Android version of your device should not be lower than Android 2.2. In addition, using this App is very easy since it involves straightforward steps that don't need any level of expertise. This, together with the other features, makes it great for novice users together with experienced users.

File Sharing App for Android - Top 3

#4 AirDroid

AirDroid App eliminates the need for cumbersome cables since it uses wireless technology for its transfers. This not only increases convenience but also makes it easy to use. It can be used in different ways making it great for not only mobile devices but also PCs.

You can either install the tool in your device which includes a PC or you can sign in to their website and send your files from there. Both the installation and the signin have to be done on both the sending device and the recipient. It works for all files regardless of their type and size, and can be used across many platforms.

File Transfer for Android - Top 4

If needed, you can also click to learn:

#5 Share Music & Transfer Files - Xender

Xender is an application that can transfer files at great speeds and ensures safety of the files. It allows users to establish a direct connection between different devices over Wi-Fi in order to transfer. The connection can be established via a router or hotspot with both options guaranteeing faster transfer rates. And also, to ensure the success of the transfer, you need to install the App on both your devices as well.

By using this tool, you are able to select and send the files that you want to share easily. What's more, you are even capable of sending files to several people at the same time with it.

Android File Transfer App - Top 5

#6 SuperBeam

SuperBeam also uses a sharing key technique that makes it great - it eliminates the need to remember passwords while still ensuring security. Besides, it works great for all types of computers regardless of their operating systems. This means that Windows, Linux or Mac computers can all use it.

While transferring files with this App, you can use different methods to connect your devices, such as using QR codes, near field communication or a manual sharing key. This makes it easier to share entire folders or individual files no matter how big they are. Some of other great features of this App include different themes to choose from, faster transfer speeds, unlimited number of transfers and compatibility with multiple devices.

File Transfer App - Top 6

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The Bottom Line

These are top 6 Android file transfer Apps. All these file transfer applications have their own advantages and disadvantages so you can make a comparison and then choose the right one according to your need. After having a suitable file sharing App for Android, you are able to transfer, send or share files from your Android device to other phones, computer or devices without hassles.

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