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Complete Guide about How to Backup Android Call Logs Easily

From the call history on Android, you can check all the missed calls, dialed numbers and received calls, which can remind you of something important or be provided as evidence sometimes. So in this respect, it is essential for you to backup Android call logs in case that you need them but fail to find them due to unconscious deletion. Then one question comes here- how to backup the call history on Android more easily? This tutorial will give you the answer.

♦Part 1. Why You Need to Backup Android Call Records?

♦Part 2. One Click to Transfer Call Logs from Android to PC to Make A Backup (Recommended)

♦Part 3. Backup Android Call History to Gmail

♦Part 4. Useful Android Call Logs Backup Apps

♦Part 5. What to Do If You Need to Get Back the Call Logs without Backup?


Why You Need to Backup Android Call Records

Most users think that they can view the call history on Android directly so it is unnecessary to make a backup. But do you know your Android phone only stores the last 30 days of phone calls made or received and other calls older will be automatically deleted from the device? Except for that, you would lose these data for other reasons:

- Wrongly delete the call logs due to the fat finger.

- The mobile phone is attacked by virus, which would lead to data loss as well.

- Some errors or operations like system crashed, factory reset, rooting and flashing ROM would damage the Call Log App or erase the call records on your phone.

- ...

That is to say, you are always at the risk of losing call logs. Hence, it is essential for you to make a Android call logs backup.

One Click to Transfer Call Logs from Android to PC to Make A Backup

Saving the call logs in computer would be safer than in mobile phone. Thus, your first option can be syncing the call records to computer. This is an easy task to complete as long as you take Android Mobile Manager as your assistant. This powerful software allows you to make a Android data backup with one simple click. The file types it supports include call logs, contacts, messages, media files and so on. And apart from backup, you can also use it to manage your call history or other Android files. Just download the free trial version to make an attempt.

win android data manager mac android data manager

Now just go with the steps below to backup your Android call history.

Step 1. First, you need to establish a connection between your computer and Android phone and then launch the installed program. Here, you can choose to build the connection with USB cable (open USB debugging on your phone) or Wi-fi (download and install Android Assistant APK to your phone) as you like. After that, the tool will detect the connected phone automatically.

connect to pc

Step 2. Once your phone is recognized, you will see an interface as below:

backup android call logs

Step 3. Then you can click the category Contacts in the left panel and then tap on Call Logs to locate the detailed information in the right pane. Here you can preview and mark the wanted files.

Step 4. Finally, what you need to do is just to tap on the Export button to backup the call logs on your computer as XML files.

export call logs to xml file

Step 5. Now you can check the exported call records on your computer easily and you can edit or print them according to your need.

view android call logs

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Backup Android Call History to Gmail

Another means is to backup the Android call logs to Gmail. To achieve this goal, you should turn to an application called SMS Backup+. It empowers you to backup and restore SMS and call logs on Android phone. With it, you can backup the call history easily.

Here's how:

Step 1. Go to Google Play Store to download and install the software on your phone and then launch it.

Step 2. After going through all the settings, you should go back to the start screen of the application and click on the Backup button. Then you need to enter your Gmail account.

backup call logs to gmail

Step 3. After that, you can get two new folders in your Gmail called SMS and Call Logs. You can open the Call Logs folder and you will get the detailed information of the outgoing or incoming calls on your phone.

Useful Android Call Logs Backup Apps

Except for SMS Backup+, you can select other mobile applications to make a backup as well. Here we have 2 suggestions for you to refer to:

1. SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore is a high-rated Android backup application in Play Store. That's because this program is simple to use, multifunctional and ad-free. It enables you to upload the files like messages and call logs to your Email, Google Drive or Dropbox. And this kind of backups will be stored in XML format, which allows you to further use the data.

android call logs backup app

2. Super Backup & Restore

This is an advanced application which can be used to backup a lot of Android files, such as SMS, call logs, contacts, Apps, calendars, etc. With it, you can select to save the data to your external MicroSD card or Gmail account as you like. And what's more important, it does not ask a root access so it would be preferred for those who do not want to root their devices.

android call history backup app

What to Do If You Need to Get Back the Call Logs without Backup?

With the backup, you are able to get back the wanted data easily- download them from Gmail or import them from computer. But what if you do not make a backup beforehand? How can you restore the data without backup? In this case, you need a professional recovery tool- Android Mobile Recovery to help you. You can use it to retrieve the wanted call logs without any hassle. The following is the step-by-step tutorial for your reference.

win android data recovery mac android data recovery

Step 1. Open the suggested software and then connect your Android phone to computer. After that, the tool will detect your device and show you an interface to tick the file types for scanning.

Note: In order to restore the call logs, you need to root your Android phone. Besides, to make your phone be recognized, you need to enable USB on your device and "Allow" the program to get access to your phone.

Step 2. Next, you can tick the Call Logs folder on the interface and hit Next to start scanning the call records on your phone. Once the scanning process ends, you can tap on Call Logs in the left panel to preview and choose the wanted files.

scan android call logs

Step 3. After selecting the desired data, you can simply click the Recover button to restore the lost call logs.


Okay, that's all the details about the Android call logs backup. Just take action to save your call history so you won't need to worry about the data loss anymore. And just feel free to contacts us if you have any problem about the tutorial.

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