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5 Ways to Backup Android Photos Easily & Effectively

It has been a trend that people take pictures of beautiful scenery, delicious food and beloved friends or families with their Android phones while going out. These pictures record your life and can be said to be precious for you. So to prevent the previous memory from losing, it is essential for you to backup Android photos.

To effectively and effortlessly complete the Android photos backup, you have 5 options:

Option 1. Backup Android Photos with Professional Software (Recommended)

Option 2. Upload Pictures on Android to Cloud for Backup

Option 3. Copy & Paste Android Images to PC via USB

Option 4. Email/Sharing Photos on Android for Backup

Option 5. Auto Backup Photos on Android

Backup Android Photos with Professional Software (Recommended)

1. Backup Android Photos with Android Mobile Manager

Speaking of Backing up Android photos, the most popular and effective way must be making use of professional Android assistant software. Then which software can be your helper? In this case, you can consider the Android Mobile Manager. With this tool, you are able to export specific images from Android or directly backup all the photos on your device to computer. And not only the photos, other files like music, videos, contacts, text messages, call logs, etc. are supported as well. Just click the blue icon below to download and install the free trial of the program onto your computer and have a try!

win android assistant mac android assistant

Here is how to export specific images from Android to PC:

Step 1. Launch the program and then connection your Android phone to PC via USB cable or Wi-Fi. Then you need to make the connected device be recognized by following the on-screen prompts.

connect android

Step 2. Once your Android phone is detected, its parameter and files will be displayed on the program. On this interface, you can tap on the "Photos" > "Phone Gallery" in the right panel, which will locate all the images on your device to the right column.

Step 3. Tick off the pictures that you want to transfer and hit the "Export" button to begin the exporting process.

export photos to pc

If you want to backup all the pictures on your Android phone, you can tap on "Super Toolkit" on the primary interface and then select "Backup" > "Photos" > "Back Up" to move the data with one simple click.

backup photos with one click

2. Use Android Mobile Recovery to Save the Images

Except for Android Mobile Manager, Android Mobile Recovery software enables you to perform the Android photos backup as well. Since it is a recovery tool, you can use it to restore the wanted photos or other files from Android phone to computer and the whole process will be well protected. So it is also a feasible way for you.

If you are interested in it, you can download and install it on your computer and try to restore your Android photos to computer for backup.

win android recovery mac android recovery

recover android photo

Upload Pictures on Android to Cloud for Backup

Want to backup the Android photos for free? Then cloud storage server can be your option. The cloud storage servers like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Samsung Cloud, etc. provide users with certain free storage space, which allows them to upload and save different kinds of files from Android phone or iPhone. So for those who want to perform and complete the backup freely, uploading the wanted photos from Android to cloud would be an ideal way. But please notice that the free storage space of the cloud service is limited and you need to purchase the space when you use up the free space.

cloud backup

Copy & Paste Android Images to PC via USB

There is a traditional way to move Android images to PC - copying and pasting them by using a USB cable. By using this means, you do not need to download and install any third-party program or application on your devices. But one of its drawbacks is that the transfer will take you too much time. If you do not care about that, you can try this method as well.

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to the computer via USB cable.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on your device if required and select the applicable USB connection type - "MTP (Media Transfer Protocol)".

Step 3. Find and double click on your device after entering "This PC" and enter the "SD Card" or "Internal Storage" folder where you store the photos.

Step 4. Double click on the "DCIM" option and choose the images that you want to transfer.

Step 5. Right click to select the "Copy" option and then go to the folder that you want to store the images.

Step 6. Right click to choose "Paste" and the select pictures will be synced to the folder.

paste android photos

Email/Sharing Photos on Android for Backup

Supposed that you only want to backup several images on Android, you can choose to email or share them. The steps to complete the emailing process can be very simple as long as you have an email account.

Step 1. Go to "Settings" > "Accounts" > "Add account" > "Email"/"Mail"/"Google" to add the account to your Android phone.

Step 2. Next, open the "Photos" or "Gallery" App on your device and select the photos that you want to backup.

Step 3. Then you can tap on the "Share" button and go on to choose your email App.

Step 4. Finally, you need to compose and address your message and hit the "Send" button to send the pictures.

Auto Backup Photos on Android

Do not want to move the pictures manually? Then you can try to backup them automatically in virtue of the "Auto Backup" feature of Google+. Once you turn on the feature, the photos and videos on your device will be synced to Google Plus automatically. For those who do not want to move the files repeatedly, this can be a good choice.

Step 1. Download the Google Photos App from Google Play Store and then properly install it.

Step 2. Launch the application and tap on "Sign in" to login to your account. If you don't have a Google account, just create one at first.

Step 3. After entering the App, you can click on "Settings" and enable the "Backup & Sync" feature.

Step 4. Go on to click the "choose folder to backup" option and tick off the folders that you want to backup and the auto backup will start.

Choose the Way You Like to Backup the Android Photos

All the methods provided above can help you backup the pictures on Android phone with ease. So now what you need to do is just to select the method you like and go with the steps to save your images. If you encounter any problem during the backup process or have other good ways to perform the backup, you can contact us.

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