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[Productive Tips] How to Backup & Restore Android Text Messages?

SMS is one of the most important and common contact ways in our daily lives so it is inevitable that users would store some confidential or meaningful messages on their Android devices. Nonetheless, mobile phone is not a safe place to save the information so you'd better make a backup for these text messages and restore them when you need them. But how to backup and restore Android messages effectively? Here are several methods for your reference.

Method 1. Backup & Restore Android Messages with Android Assistant (Recommended)

Method 2. Backup and Retrieve Text Messages on Android to/from Gmail

Method 3. Backup & Recover Android SMS with Helpful Application

Backup & Restore Android Messages with Android Assistant (Recommended)

The most rapid and effective way is to turn to a professional Android helper- Android Assistant (Win & Mac). It allows you to backup as well as retrieve messages with one simple click. And except for text messages, it also enables you to backup or restore other files on Android, including contacts, call logs, music, videos, photos, etc. So it would be a good idea to save and get back your messages via this program.

You can download the free trial of this software to try first.

win android assistant mac android assistant

Then you can go with the tutorial below to backup and restore your Android messages:

Step 1. After downloading the program, you can go with the instructions to properly install the software on your computer.

Step 2. Launch the program and connect your Android phone to the computer. Before the connection, you need to enable the USB debugging on your phone and install the USB driver on your computer.

turn on usb debugging

Step 3. On the main interface, you should click on "Super Toolkit" option at the top left and select the "Backup" option. Then several categories will be listed in a window. Just tap on "Messages" and click "Back Up" button. If you want to backup other files, you can mark their folder to make a backup as well.

When the backup process ends, you can open the folder on your computer to check the contents.

backup messages on android

Step 4. If you want to restore the SMS backup back to your Android phone, you need to elect "Restore" option under the "Super Toolkit" interface and then choose the corresponding backups from the menu and tap on "Restore" button to get them back.

restore sms on android


- It allows you to backup & restore different kinds of Android files;

- You are able to backup Android data selectively or altogether;

- It is compatible with almost all Android models.


- The functions of the free trial version are limited.

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Backup and Retrieve Text Messages on Android to/from Gmail

Gmail is another ideal location to save the Android messages but backing up messages from Android to Gmail won't be as easy as the first means. To achieve this goal, you need to turn to an application as well and we would like to recommend you the SMS Backup+. This application can help you to backup and restore Android messages effortlessly. Before using it, you need to make some preparations:

- Turn on your Android phone and ensure its battery is more than 50%;

- Download SMS Backup+ from Google Play Store;

- An available Gmail account.

Now let's start our backup and restore process:

Step 1. First of all, you need to configure your Gmail account for IMAP access. Just login to your Gmail account and go to "Settings"> "Forwarding and POP/IMAP". Then you should check the option "Enable IMAP" and then scroll down and click on "Save Changes".

imap access

Step 2. Next, you need to install the application on your Android phone and launch it. Then you should click on "Connect" on the screen to set up the connection to your Gmail account. After that, the "Account Picker" on your phone will launch and you can select the wanted Gmail account to backup the messages.

Step 3. After connecting the account, you ought to tap on "Backup" to start the backup process. When the process finishes, you can sign in your Gmail account from a browser and find the folder called "SMS". Just click on it to view the transferred messages.

backup android sms

Tips: You can also backup the text messages automatically by clicking on "Auto Backup"> "Auto backup settings".

Step 4. When you want to restore the messages from backups, you can open the App and click on "Connect"> "Skip"> "Restore" to retrieve the files.


- It enables you to backup and restore SMS, MMS and call logs;

- You can select to backup the files automatically.


- You need to manually enable IMAP access before backing up or restoring the files.

Backup & Recover Android SMS with Helpful Application

It is also a wise choice to ask a helpful backup & restore App for help. There are thousands of applications on the market to meet different needs of Android users. You can select the suitable one to assist you in backing up and restoring Android messages. Here we have three suggestions for you:

1. SMS Backup & Restore

Supposed that you often search for applications in Google Play Store, you must be familiar with this App- SMS Backup & Restore. This high-rated application is good at backing up and restoring text messages and call logs on Android phone. You can use it to save the messages to different locations, including Google Drive, Dropbox, email and so on.

backup restore android sms


- It is easy to use;

- It does not require a root access;

- It allows you to transfer files between two phones.


- This program only supports to backup & restore SMS, MMS and call logs.

2. Super Backup Pro

This is another simple backup application for Android. Its interface is functional and easy to use. In addition, it can be used to backup different kinds of phone data, such as Apps, contacts, SMS, call logs, bookmarks and calendars. With it, you can backup the files on your Android phone more effortlessly. Hence, you can take it into consideration.

backup sms on android


- Users are free to backup the files from Android phone to SD card or Google Drive;

- You can also schedule automatic backups along with backing up to cloud storage.


- There have been a few bugs reported.

3. Backup Your Mobile

Backup Your Mobile is a right-hand man for those who don't need an App with a lot of features. It can backup a great number of files like Apps, system settings, SMS, MMS, call logs, and other various bric-a-bracs. By using it to backup or recover Android messages, you can complete the process within a few minutes.

backup data on mobile


- It is a free App so you can try it without costing anything;

- It is possible to schedule automatic backups. It enables you to automatically upload backups to Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.


- Its interface seems antiquated.


Do you know how to backup and restore Android messages now? Just take action to backup your wanted conversations so you can get them back easily when you lose them. Wish these methods can help you.

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