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How to Backup Samsung S9? [4 Ways]

Since Samsung S9 has released, a lot of people tend to switch their old phones to this new and powerful device. And after getting this phone, users will be able to download and save more files on the mobile phone, which is really helpful and convenient for them. But when you save something important on your Samsung S9, you should remember to backup them regularly or you may lose them unexpectedly. And luckily, it is not difficult to backup Samsung S9- you have at least 4 ways to perform the backup process:

Way 1. Comprehensive Way to Backup Samsung S9 (Recommended)

Way 2. Backup Samsung S9 with Samsung Kies

Way 3. Transfer Samsung files to Google Drive (Photos/Videos/Documents)

Way 4. Use Samsung Cloud to Backup Files

You can use these methods to backup different kinds of file on your phone. For example, you can backup your contacts, messages, media files with Android assistant or backup your personal information, settings, etc. via Samsung Cloud. Now just learn them detailedly and choose the one that you need.

Comprehensive Way to Backup Samsung S9 (Recommended)

The first way you can use to backup Samsung S9 is to make use of a third-party software- Android Mobile Manager. With this program, you are able to transfer files from Samsung S9 to PC easily. It allows you to backup all the files with one simple click as well as transfer the data to PC selectively. Here the file types that it supports include contacts, text messages, videos, images, music, etc. You can download and install the free trial to have a try first.

win android mobile manager mac android mobile manager

After installing the software on your computer, you can follow the steps below to easily backup the files on your Samsung S9.

Step 1. Connect your Samsung S9 to computer via a USB cable and launch the tool. Then you will be asked to enable USB debugging on your phone and install the USB driver on your computer. Just go with the instructions on the interface to complete them so the tool can detect your Samsung successfully.

Step 2. After the detection, the general information of your phone will be listed on the interface. Here you can tap on Super Toolkit at the top menu and choose Backup option.

backup samsung

Step 3. Then a window with several categories will pop up. In this window, you can tick all the files and select a location to save the selected data. Finally, you just need to tap on Back Up and all the files will be synced to your computer.

one click to backup files

Done! All your Samsung S9 files will be backed up to PC in 3 steps. And if you don't want to backup all the files on your phone, you can choose to backup one or two file types on the phone as well. You can click to know:

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Backup Samsung S9 with Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies is also a good way to backup the Samsung files. This software is primarily designed for Samsung users to backup and restore Samsung phone data on PC. Hence, you can choose this official tool if you don't believe other third-party software. Now let's see how to backup Samsung S9 with Kies together!

Step 1. Connect your Samsung S9 to computer with a USB cable and open Kies on your PC.

Step 2. On the interface of Kies, you need to select the option Backup & Restore.

Step 3. Next, you need to elect Data Backup option and click on the file type that you want to backup, including contacts, messages, music, videos and other files.

backup samsung data with kies

Step 4. After selecting the wanted files, you can hit the Backup button to begin the moving process.

Transfer Samsung files to Google Drive (Photos/Videos/Documents)

Another popular method to backup Samsung phone is by using Google Drive. After backing up the files to Google Drive, you will be able to view and download the wanted files on your phone or computer freely, which is much convenient for users. But this means only works for photos, music, videos and documents like Word or Excel files so if you want to store other files like contacts, messages, applications, etc., you need to use other methods.

To backup Samsung S9 files with Google Drive, you can:

Step 1. Download Google Drive from Google Play Store and follow the instructions to properly install it.

Step 2. Launch the application on your phone and log in your Google account with the credentials.

Step 3. Next, you can click on the "+" icon and choose Upload to add the wanted files to Google Drive.

Step 4. After selecting all the desired data, you can tap on Done to save them to Google Drive.

backup samsung with google drive

Here, you can also backup the files to other cloud service like OneDrive.

Use Samsung Cloud to Backup Files

Except for Kies, Samsung Company has designed another service for users to backup their files actually. This service is Samsung Cloud which enables you to perform the backup and restoring process on the mobile phone directly. You can use it to save your personal information, App data and settings. The whole backup process can be easily completed:

Step 1. Click the Settings icon on your Samsung S9 and select Cloud and Account in this section.

backup samsung with samsung cloud

Step 2. Next, you can move forward to Samsung Cloud option and click on Backup my data to proceed.

Step 3. Now you can elect the information you want to backup and finally tap on Backup Now to sync the files.

These are all the methods that you can use to backup your Samsung S9. Just select one of them to sync your files according to your need.

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