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How to Access a Locked Android Phone?

As we all know, all the Android phones on the market have a lock screen feature to guarantee the security of our device. To lock an Android phone, we just need to set a password for it. And when we want to unlock the screen and access the phone to manage the files on it, we should type the pass code to enter it. This would be a helpful function to prevent the data on our phone from reveal.

However, it is not rare that some users are unable to enter a locked Android phone for the reason that they forget the password they have set before. Then what can you do in this case? Is it possible for you to access a locked Android? Yes! There are several means provided to settle this issue and you can get them here.

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Guide on How to Access a Locked Android Phone

Solution 1. Use Android Device Manager

You can go to the device manager website on Google or download an Android Device Manager application on other computer or Android phone. This means requires you must have a Google account which is associated with the locked phone or you are not able to unlock your phone by using it. Below is the specific operation:

- Enter the device manager website on your computer or other Android phone;

- After entering the website, you need to sign in your Google account. Then you will see the Android devices are displayed on the screen, just tap on the name of your locked phone. And three options will appear under your device name, just click on Lock;

access a locked android phone

- Now you are able to create a new password, please remember it or write it down this time;

- Tap on "Lock" in the bottom right of the window to apply the new password. If successful, you will see a notification pop up under the three options- Ring, Lock, Erase;

- Now you need to wait for about 5 minutes to let the new password take effect. Then you type the new pass code on your locked phone to enter it.

Solution 2. Bypass your pattern lock

This solution is only suitable for Android 4.4 or below so you'd better check the version of the system before using this means. Besides, it only works when you use a Pattern Lock.

- Type the password for 5 times and you will fail to log in. Then the device will ask you "Forget Pattern?", just tap on it;

enter an android phone which is locked

- Enter the backup PIN that you have created when you set up your pattern. But if you do not remember it, you need to go back the first means to unlock the device with your Google account as well.

Solution 3. Access the locked screen via Android SDK

This method will only be available when you have preciously enabled USB debugging on your Android phone. In addition, you need to allow your Android device to connect to your computer via ADB before locking the phone. Otherwise, it will not be possible to work.

- Download Android SDK from the website and install it on the computer;

- Connect your locked phone to the computer via an USB cable;

- Open the SDK installation directory and find out the "Tools" folder. Under this folder, you can use Windows Explorer to search the ADB installation directory

- In the ADB folder, just hold Shift and right-click button and then you will see a pop-up window, select the "Open command window here" option;

access an android phone which is locked

- The next step is to type "adb shell rm/data/system/gesture.key" into the common line and press "Enter" button to enter the command to unlock your screen;

- Unplug and restart your phone and you will be able to see your phone is unlocked by the pattern. But don't forget to set a new lock immediately after gaining access.

Solution 4. Factory reset your phone

The most effective way would be factory resetting your phone. It can solve many issues of mobile phones but it would wipe out all data on the device so you are strongly advised to backup the data in advance.

- Turn off your device by pressing Power button and select Power off from the menu;

- Press and hold the Power and Volume Up button at the same time. Here if there is a Home button on your device, you need to hold and press the Power, Volume Up and Home button until you see the Android Recovery logo;

- Select "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" by pressing the Volume buttons and then press the Power button to confirm your choice;

enter a locked android phone

- Select "Yes" and press Power button. This will confirm that you want to erase all of the data on the device and reset it;

- After finishing the reset, you will be able to log back in your Google account to restore most of your setting.

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