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Tips to Backup Files to OneDrive

Today, more and more people select to backup files to OneDrive for the reason that it is a free could storage which can make the backup process easier and faster. And after moving the files to OneDrive, users are able to view or use the saved data on computer or mobile phones as they like. So, it is not surprising that OneDrive can receive such a warm welcome.

Here, to facilitate the process of OneDrive backup, we would like to show you several ways to move data to OneDrive.

Part 1. Backup Files to OneDrive on Computer

Part 2. Move Data to OneDrive on Mobile Phone Directly

Backup Files to OneDrive on Computer

Generally speaking, performing the OneDrive backup on Windows or Mac computer would be more convenient. And normally, there are two methods to accomplish this kind of backup.

Method 1. Make use of OneDrive program

The easiest way to backup files on computer to OneDrive is to download the OneDrive program on your PC. To use this means, you only need to download the software from its official website and then create an OneDrive account.

Step 1. Download the OneDrive on computer

Go to the official website of OneDrive to download the program. Here, you should choose the right version of the application since there are several versions available on the website. Then download the respective file for your operating system.

how to download onedrive on pc

Step 2. Move computer files to OneDrive

You have 3 means to complete the moving process:

1. Install the software by following the instructions on the screen. This step will create a dedicated folder on your system which would be listed under Favorites folder. Then you can drag and drop the files to the cloud according to your need.

how to move files to onedrive

2. If you want to add new contents to OneDrive, you can try to add new folders and create new documents within this program. Then click on the sync button to make a real-time copy of these files on the cloud.

how to sync data to onedrive

3. If you have a dedicated OneDrive directory on the system, you can click on Save As option to save the files from Microsoft Office to OneDrive. This will make a duplicate copy of the file on OneDrive.

move data to onedrive

Method 2. Transfer files to OneDrive on OneDrive website

Step 1. Log in the website

Use the credentials of your Microsoft/live account to log in OneDrive and then you are able to access the files that you have saved.

Step 2. Upload files to OneDrive

After landing the OneDrive, you will see the toolbar at the top. Just tap on Upload button and select to upload an entire folder or the selected files as you like. Then a new browser will be launched and you can use it to choose the data you wish to backup with OneDrive. Now what you need to do is just wait till the uploading process finishes.

how to backup data to onedrive

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Move Data to OneDrive on Mobile Phone Directly

Except for syncing files to OneDrive on computer, you can attempt to complete the backup process on your mobile phone directly.

Step 1. Download and install OneDrive on your Android/iPhone/Windows phone

Just download and install the OneDrive App on your mobile phone and launch it. Next, you need to sign in the Microsoft OneDrive Android App by using your credentials. If you do not have an account yet, you can click on sign up option to create a new account.

log in onedrive on mobile phone

Step 2. Transfer data on phone to OneDrive

Now, you should tap on the Options at the top and you will get a window with different selections. Just click the Add Items button to choose the files on your device. Here if the file you move is specific, you will get a pop-up prompt. Just tap on OK to move on.

how to transfer files to onedrive

When the uploading process ends, you can visit and manage the saved files in OneDrive freely.

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