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Forget Android Lock Screen Pattern? Here are Solutions!

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to privacy protection. Therefore, in order to ensure the security of the information on their devices, almost all the Android users select to set a pattern to lock their Android screen. This is a wise choice since an Android screen lock pattern can prevent others from entering your phone directly and stealing the data inside.

Nonetheless, every coin has two sides. On one hand, the lock screen pattern can protect your mobile phone files; but on the other hand, it also can lock your phone if you forget the pattern that you have set at first. Really untoward, right? But you do not need to worry too much about that cause problems always are alone with solutions. To help you get rid of the trouble, several methods to fix forget Android lock screen pattern will be provided here. If you have the same problem, you can come to get the solutions here.

What If Forget Android Lock Screen Pattern?

In this part, we will tell you how to fix forget Android lock screen pattern with 3 simple means. You can select the one you like and follow the details to try to unlock your Android.

Solution 1. Make use of your Google account

If you have a Google account available, you can use it to recover your password and access back to your phone. To recover your pattern, you can:

- Tap on Forget Password on the screen and then type in the username and password of your Google account.

- Follow the instructions to recover the pattern.

Solution 2. Use Google's Android Device Manager

The second method is also related to Google account. But by using this means, you also need to have the Android Device Manager enabled. If you meet both requirements, you can erase your device by:

- Go to the website of Android Device Manager and then log in your Google account.

- Click on Erase to wipe all the data on your Android phone and you will be able to access your phone once again.

Solution 3. Factory reset your Android

Some users may not have a Google account or forget their usernames or passwords. In this case, you need to make another attempt- factory reset your phone. The specific resetting process is as below:

- Press and hold the Power button to power off your Android phone.

- Press and hold the Volume Down key and Power button at the same time.

- Select Factory Reset option by using the Volume Up and Down keys.

The Recovery Tool You May Need to Get Back Your Data

Maybe you can find that the methods above might cause the data loss since they would erase the files on your Android. So, it is probable that you want to restore some important data from the erased device. For your reference, we would like to suggest you to use Android Mobile Recovery. With it, you can get back your Android data safely and quickly.

win android data recovery mac android data recovery

Here's how:

Firstly, connect your Android to computer with USB cable and then run the program. After the launch, the tool will detect the connected phone automatically and show you the file types for scanning. Here, do not forget to enable USB debugging on your phone or the device will fail to be detected.

recover data on android

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Secondly, tick the file types that you want to restore and hit Next button to conduct a deeply scanning on your device. When the scan is finished, you can select the files you want to get back and click on them in the left panel. Then you can preview their detailed information in the right pane.

Finally, tick your wanted files and hit Recover button to start the recovering process.

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