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Complete Guide about How to Use Google Drive

Google Drive is a free file storage and data synchronization service designed by Google. It provides a solution for archiving various files such as documents, PowerPoint presentations, photos and more across the internet. With it, backing up and sharing files wirelessly can be easy to complete. So now this article will explain to you how to efficiently use Google Drive and in a way to maximize your productivity, explaining some extra benefits you get in using Google Drive.

Tutorial: How to Use Google Drive Efficiently?

Tips: Reasons for Using Google Drive

How to Use Google Drive Efficiently?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial about how to use Google Drive:

Step 1. Set up Google Drive on Your Device

There is no doubt that the first step to use a service is to set it up and using Google Drive is not expected here. Setting up a Google Drive account is pretty simple - it is similar to signing into most Google services, mainly using your email.

- Download, install and launch the Google Drive App on your Android or go to drive.google.com on your computer.

- Then on the Android device, you will be given a screen where you just need to click the right arrow until a page appears to ask you what kind of account you'd like to link this account to. Some of the available options are: Gmail, Google+, Email, Twitter and Messenger. Choose one of them to login to Google Drive. But on your PC, you can directly enter your Google account and password to sign into the service.

Step 2. Add Files to Google Drive

Once you have set up your Google Drive, you can start to add the files to the service now.

- Click on the "+" icon on the bottom right of your Android screen or the "New" option on PC's top left screen.

- It will then show up a menu window (on Android device) or a drop-down menu (on PC).

- Now you can select the file types that you want to upload. On Android device, you can choose to "Upload Photos or Videos" or "Upload files". For the PC users, you need to select the option "File upload" or "Folder upload".

- Then you can elect the files you want and tap on "Upload" to add the files to Google Drive.

upload files to google drive

Step 3. Share Files in Google Drive

You can share the uploaded files to anyone you like. However, the methods to share Google Drive files on Android and PC are totally different so we need to show you the steps dividedly.

1) On Android device

- Enter your Google Drive and find out the file that you want to share with others.

- Choose "More" and continue to select "Share link" or "Send file" according to your need.

- Then you can share the selected file in different ways, including email, messaging, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

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2) On Computer

- Right click the file that you want to share and a menu window will appear.

- Choose "Share..." from the listed options.

share google drive files

Step 4. Delete the Unwanted Files

Since the storage space of Google Drive is limited, you need to remove some useless or unwanted files from the service. Otherwise, the drive won't be able to work smoothly when the available storage space is too small.

- On Android device: Find the file you want to remove > tap on "More" > "Remove".

- On computer: Right click on the file you don't want to save > choose "Remove" in the menu window.

remove google drive files

Step 5. Download the Wanted Files to Other Devices

As long as you have uploaded and saved something in Google Drive, you are free to download them to other devices, such as Android phone, iPhone, tablet, computer, etc.

- For Android users: Look for the wanted file > click the "three vertical dots" icon, namely the "More" option > tap the "Download" option.

- For PC users: Navigate to "My Drive" > right click on the file you want to download > choose "Download" from the pop-up window.

download google drive files

Reasons for Using Google Drive

Why should you choose Google Drive? That's because it provides a lot of benefits that you can use to increase productivity and decrease your work load - no matter you're at home, in the office or relaxing at the cafe, the service will let you use it anywhere.

1. Backing Up Your Data

For Android users, it is always necessary to back up your phone data on another platform. That's because we do not know when or where incidents will happen and the files on your mobile phone would be damaged or even lost. And luckily, Google Drive can save your data in one piece. After backing up your data with Google, you can simply recover and restore your data from Google Drive.

To achieve this goal, all you have to do is to access your account that you used to back up your storage on Google Drive. It will ask which device you are referring to and all you need to do is to choose. After agreeing to everything, your apps and the data you chose to back up will be restored almost immediately. It'll take some time for it to sync back but it's better than losing all of your hard work.

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2. 15 GB of Storage (For Free)

Google services generously offers you 15 GB of free storage along with 5 GB from Cloud, making it one of the biggest spaces for free storage use compared to other services. You can still upgrade it if you feel the need for more space. But for many users, this is more than enough to store files for projects and work.

3. Sharing and Offline Availability

All files on Google Drive have multiple functions. Clicking on the right side of the document (the symbol of the three dots) will bring a drop-down menu containing many options.

- Adding People & Link Sharing

Turning on link sharing will make the document available to everyone who has a link to the document. Meanwhile, the "Adding people" function gives you the option on who has the access to edit the document and who only has the view option. This helps you filter down who can send this document.

- Offline Availability

Having offline availability on certain documents means that you can access these files even without internet connectivity. Google Drive and any other similar services relies a lot on network connectivity, so having the option to have certain documents to be available offline without using your phone storage is a great option.

offline availability

The Bottom Line

That's all for using Google Drive. Now you must know what Google Drive can do and how to use it, right? With such a service, you are able to share, transfer and manage your files without limitation. So just don't hesitate to start using it and enjoying the benefits it brings. You will gain a lot from it.

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