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Android Manager- How to Manage Call Logs on Android Phone?

Today, many users like to manage call logs on their Android phones for many reasons. For example, some people tend to export the significant records to computer to make a backup in case that they need to use them as evidence one day. For the other thing, sometimes you may need to remove some useless call histories from Android phone to make some room for other files or applications. Generally speaking, as an Android phone user, it is inevitable for you to manage the Android call histories. But how to complete the management effortlessly and effectively? In this case, you need a professional call logs manager- Android Mobile Manager as your helper.

This powerful Android manager is designed to help users manage their phone files, such as call logs, contacts, messages, music, videos, photos, etc. It is also highly compatible. The Android model that it supports is various, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Blackberry and so on. What's more important, the program is 100% clean and secure so you can use it without any worry. You can click the icon below to download the software to have a try first.

win android file manager mac android file manager

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After installing the software on your computer, you can start to manage the calls logs on your Android now.

Import Call Logs from Computer to Android Phone

When you get a new mobile phone, you may want to import some old call histories from computer to the new Android. This could be easy when you have the assistant tool help you. The detailed steps are:

Step 1. Connect Android phone to computer

The first thing you need to do is to connect your Android phone to computer and launch the installed software. Here you can select to establish the connection with USB cable (enable USB debugging on your phone) or Wi-Fi (download and install Android Assistant APK to your phone).

connect to pc

Step 2. Import the wanted call logs to Android

After the connection, the program will detect your mobile phone automatically. Once the device is recognized successfully, you will get the main interface of the tool as below:

android manager

On this page, you can tap on the folder Contacts and select Call Logs. Then you can click on Import option on the top menu to select and move the wanted histories from computer.

import call history to android

Export Android Call Histories to PC

In case of losing data, some users tend to export the important call logs from Android to computer to make a backup. And luckily, this software can help you to backup them easily.

Step 1. Connect Android to computer

Also, you need to connect your Android phone to computer with USB cable or Wi-Fi first and then launch the software.

Step 2. Preview and select the wanted call logs

Next, you can tap on Contacts followed by Call Logs to locate the specific information in the right panel. Then you can preview and mark the files that you want to backup.

Step 3. Export call logs to PC

After that, you can simply hit the Export button to sync the selected call histories to your computer.

export call logs to pc

Delete Call Logs on Android Selectively or Altogether

You can use it to delete the useless or unwanted call logs from Android as well. Here, you can choose to remove them selectively or altogether as you like. Here is how:

Step 1. Link mobile phone to PC

Just follow the Step 1 in Part 1 to build a connection between your phone and computer and make your phone be recognized.

Step 2. Tick the wanted call histories

The next step is to preview and tick the files you do not want. Here, if you wanted remove all the call logs, you can mark the box next to "Name" to select all the data.

choose all call logs

If you just want to delete some of them, you can tick them one by one.

elect call logs selectively

Step 3. Delete the chosen files

At last, what you need to do is just to tap on the Delete button at the top menu and click OK when a window pops up. After that, the program will start to remove the selected call logs.

remove android call logs

Refresh Your Call Logs List

Cannot find the call log after you have a call? Then you can refresh the call logs list to update the records. It could be completed with one simple click here:

Step 1. Make your phone be recognized

First of all, you need to let the tool detects your phone- connect the device to computer and then open the software.

Step 2. Refresh the call log list

After that, you can click the option Contacts> Call Logs in the left panel to display the call histories. Finally, just tap on Refresh at the top menu to update the list easily.

refresh android call logs

Recover Lost Call Histories from Android

It is common that users would wrongly delete some important call logs during the management process. But it doesn't matter. Android Mobile Recovery can help you to get back the deleted data easily. The file types that it can restore include call logs, contacts, text messages, songs, videos, pictures, etc. With it, the Android data recovery is just a piece of cake. So now, just download the free trial of the software to make an attempt.

win android file recovery mac android file recovery

Notice: to successfully recover call logs from Android, you need to root your phone in advance.

Step 1. Build a connection between Android phone and the program

To start with, you should run the installed program on the computer and link your mobile phone via the USB cord. Here you will be asked to turn on USB debugging on your phone.

link android phone to pc

Step 2. Preview the detailed information

When the Android phone is detected, you can tap on Call Logs in the left panel to locate the detailed information in the right pane.

Step 3. Restore call logs to PC

The final step is to mark the files that you want to recover and tap on the Recover button to extract your call logs to computer.

recover android photos

Final Thought

From above, you can see that Android Mobile Manager is really a useful tool to manage the Android call logs or other files. With the help of the tool, you will be able to handle your phone more easily. So what are waiting for? Just download the free version to have a try!

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