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How to Take Screenshot on Android Effortlessly?

When you want to save a meaningful dialogue, share some interesting words with friends or show others your phone screen, what would you do? Typing in the words manually or finding the picture from the photo album and then sending them to your friends? This is too untoward and time-consuming. Why not try a quick and easy way - taking screenshot on your Android phone and send the captured picture to your friends? You can complete this process in a flash.

Part 1. One Click to Take Screenshot on Android

Part 2. A Common Way to Complete the Android Screenshot

Part 3. Capture Android Screen with Motions & Gesture

Part 4. Create An Android Screenshot by Using App

Part 5. How to Find & View the Captured Pictures?

One Click to Take Screenshot on Android

The first way is to take screenshot with Android Mobile Manager, which is regarded as the best method since it is feasible on almost all the Android mobile models. Meanwhile, this means is easy to operate - users only need to connect the program and then take a screenshot with one click. Not only that, this tool also allows you to manage the device on computer effortlessly. Hence, if you wish to take screenshot on Android as well as make a management for your device, you can take it into consideration.

Before you capture your phone screen, you can download the free trial to make an attempt.
win android assistant mac android assistant

Step 1. Connect your Android phone to the computer via USB cable or Wi-Fi network. Here if you select to connect via USB cable, you can directly link two devices with a USB cable and then turn on the USB debugging on your phone to make the connected phone be recognized. If you select to connect via Wi-Fi, you can click on the "Connect via WiFi" option at the top right corner and then download the APK file by clicking the link displayed on the screen.

connect android phone

Step 2. Once the Android phone is recognized, you will get the main interface of this software:

manage android files

Then you can open the interface that you want to capture on your Android phone and then tap on the camera icon on the main interface of the software. After that, two options will pop up: Save screenshot to computer and Copy Screenshot to clipboard. Then select the first option and then the screenshot will be saved to your PC.

capture android screen

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A Common Way to Complete the Android Screenshot

The second way is a common and frequently used capture method. This means is to take the screenshot by pressing the buttons. Now almost all the Android devices support this feature and the operation is almost the same. To complete that, you just need to turn to the interface you wish to capture and then press the corresponding buttons. Here is how:

Step 1. Go to the screen that you want to record with the screenshot.

Step 2. Press the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time and then release the keys when you hear an audible click. After that, the screen is captured and the picture will be saved to your phone album.

android screenshot

Notice: Some devices might be different and you need to hold down the Home and Power/Lock keys simultaneously to take a screenshot.

Capture Android Screen with Motions & Gesture

Except for pressing buttons, some Android phones allow you to complete Android screenshot with motions or gesture as well. However, every mobile phone has its own gesture to take screenshot and it is difficult to describe all the gestures here. Therefore, we would only take Samsung phone as an example in this part. Let's take a look together.

Step 1. Navigate to Settings and choose the option motions and gestures under this section.

Step 2. Turn on the feature palm swipe to capture.

Step 3. Now you can go to the page that you wish to capture and then simply swipe the side of your palm from left to right or from right to left.

use gesture to take screenshot

Create An Android Screenshot by Using App

Provided that your device does not equip the screenshot feature, you can attempt to download a reliable application on your Android phone and go with the instructions to take a screenshot on your device. For your reference, we would like to recommend you two useful applications which are high-rated in Google Play Store.

1. Screenshot Easy

According to its name, you can easily know that this App is designed to help you take screenshot on mobile phone easily. With the help of this application, you are not only able to take screenshots, but also capable of viewing, editing or sharing the captured pictures directly. By using it, you can complete the capturing process in 2 seconds.

take screenshot with app

2. Super Screenshot

Another popular App is Super Screenshot. This App is easy to use and do not ask for a root access. And except for screenshot, you can also use it to resize, scribble, add text and add filters and then save the pictures into the SD card. What's more important, this application is completely free so you can enjoy it without losing anything.

take screenshot with super screenshot

How to Find & View the Captured Pictures?

After taking the screenshots, the first thing you want to do must be viewing the captured images and then edit or share them, right? This is not a difficult task. Normally, the captured pictures are saved in the photo album of mobile phone or a selected folder on computer. Hence, you can directly go to the Photos App on your phone or open the folder that you use to store the captured pictures on computer to view. Once you find the wanted pictures, you can edit them as you like and then share them with your friends without any limitation.


Today, taking screenshot on Android is just an easy task and you even have many ways to achieve this goal. Just select the one you like to capture your Android phone and save the important interface properly.

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