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[Productive Tips] How to Easily Complete Android Data Recovery without Root?

In most cases, a root access is required for an Android data recovery. However, the majority of users would not like to root their devices since it is untoward as well as risky. Then is it possible to complete the Android data recovery without root? Certainly Yes! Here are 3 ways to help you recover Android data without root:

Part 1. What's the Risk of Rooting an Android Device?

Part 2. How to Restore Files from Internal Memory of Unrooted Android?

Part 3. How Can I Recover Data from SD Card?

Part 4. How to Retrieve Lost Files from Backups?

What's the Risk of Rooting an Android Device?

A root access enables users to further control their devices. For example, you are able to run special applications on the rooted Android, free up the internal memory, etc. But even so, most users would not choose to root their Android phones if possible. That's because it is risky:

- The manufacturer's warranty of your device will become void after the rooting;

- The likelihood of bricking the Android phone will increase, which will affect the use of your mobile phone;

- A rooted Android phone will become susceptible to virus infection.

In a word, your mobile phone would become vulnerable after the rooting. Hence, you'd better recover your Android data without root.

How to Restore Files from Internal Memory of Unrooted Android?

To restore files from unrooted Android device, you are strongly suggested to use the software called Android Mobile Recovery. This powerful recovery tool can help you easily get back the photos, music, videos and other files from an unrooted Android phone. (The contacts, SMS and call logs recoveries with this program require a root access.) The whole recovery process will be completed with simple clicks and no any quality will be lost during the recovery.

win android mobile recovery mac android mobile recovery

Now let's learn how to restore files from internal memory of unrooted Android phone:

Step 1. Connect Android Phone to Computer

First of all, you should launch the recommended recovery tool and then connect your mobile phone to computer via USB cable. Then the program will ask you to turn on the USB debugging on your device. Just follow the prompts to make the connected device be recognized.

Step 2. Scan the Files

After the recognition, you can select the file types that you want to recover (Photos, Videos, Audio or Documents) and hit Next to start scanning the files.

scan files

Step 3. Retrieve the Scanned Data

Once the scanning process ends, you will see several categories listed in the program. Just click the wanted folder in the left panel to locate the detailed contents. Then you can tick off the data you wish to restore and hit the Recover button at the bottom.

restore photos

How Can I Recover Data from SD Card?

Supposed that you have saved the files into a SD card, you can restore the lost files from SD card as well. To achieve this goal, you can make use of the Android File Manager mentioned above as well. With this software, you are allowed to extract the deleted data like images, videos, audio and so on from SD card in 3 steps:

win android mobile recovery mac android mobile recovery

Step 1. Connect the SD Card to PC

Firstly, you should run the program on your computer and then choose the Android SD Card Recovery mode from the top menu. After that, you will be asked to insert the SD card to your computer. Just insert your card to your mobile phone or SD card reader and then plug the device into the computer.

connect sd card to pc

Step 2. Scan the SD Card

Now you can tap on Next button and all the inserted SD cards in your computer will be displayed on the program. Just tap on the disk drive you wish to scan and click Next to begin the scanning process.

scan files in sd card

Step 3. Extract Data from SD Card

When the scanning process is completed, all the recoverable file types will be shown in the left panel. Just tap on the folder that contains the data you wish to restore and then choose the wanted files. At last, you can simply tap on Recover icon to save them onto your computer.

recover data from sd card

How to Retrieve Lost Files from Backups?

Some users may transfer the files on their devices to cloud storage service like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud service regularly for backup. If you are also the one who have backed up the important files to cloud service before you lose them, you can simply get back your data from the Google Drive, OneDrive or other service here. With the backups, you just need to download or transfer the wanted files from the service to your mobile phone. Provided that you do not know how to complete that, you can go to its official website to find the tutorial.

download onedrive files

Write in the End

See, although there are some tools available for you to restore the lost data without rooting the Android phone, the file types that they can recover are limited. That is to say, it is difficult or even impossible for you to get back all the files from an unrooted Android phone. Therefore, in order to better protect your phone data, you'd better develop a habit of backing up the data regularly.

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