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The Best Broken Samsung Data Recovery Software You Can't Miss

Samsung is a representative Android product in the smartphone market. It is popular around the world due to its powerful features and beautiful appearance. With Samsung phones, users are able to call, text, take HD photos, watch TV shows, play games, listen to music and so on. It just likes a small computer which is easier to carry and use. So there is no doubt that Samsung is a great and ace-high portable device.

However, there is a problem that always troubles the Samsung users- it is very easy to be damaged. As we all know, a broken Samsung is terrible and the data inside would be lost or damaged. Therefore, many users are looking forward to getting a wonderful broken Samsung data recovery software to help them retrieve the data. Today, your wish will be accomplished here. The best software to restore files from a broken or damaged Samsung will be shown in this article. This tool that we strongly recommend is Broken Android Data Rescuer.

What is Broken Android Data Rescuer?

You must be confused when you first hear the name of this tool. It is a professional software designed for Android devices like Samsung, HTC, Huawei, etc. to rescue the data in them when the devices are broken or damaged. The types of file that it can recover are various, including contacts, text messages, music, videos, photos and so on. What's more, it is compatible with almost all kinds of Android devices. Thus, it is really worth a shot for the users who equip a broken Samsung.

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After knowing the features of the program, you might be interested in it but still worry that the tool is too difficult to use. Don't worry! According to the feedback, the operation of the software is straightforward and effortless. So you can try it with an easy mind and it won't take you too much time. You might love it after using it.

Before using the tool to retrieve the data from your broken Samsung, you need to download and install the software on your computer. Below are the free trial versions of it and you can click on the icon to download one.

download win broken android data recovery download mac broken android data rescuer

Now let's begin our recovery tour!

Step 1. Run the tool and select the correct mode

Launch the program on your computer and connect your broken Samsung to the PC at the same time. After the successful connection, you will see two modes on the interface- "Android Data Recovery" and "Broken Android Phone Data Extraction". Just select the nether one.

broken android data recovery

Step 2. Select one option according to your situation

After entering the "Broken Android Phone Data Extraction" mode, you will face two options: Start and Fix Device. You can select one of them according to your situation:

- Choose "Start" option when your Samsung screen is damaged or locked and you are not allowed to enter the device;

- Select "Fix Device" when your Android is broken due to bricked, crashed, virus attacked, etc.

1. If you choose "Start" option, you should:

Find out your phone name and model to make sure whether your broken Samsung is supported by the software or not.

If you sure that your phone is supported by the tool, you can follow the guide to enter the Download mode and tap on "Start" to begin the scanning process. Then you will see the data on your broken device are listed in the program. Just click on the files that you want to restore and hit "Recover" to save them.

how to recover broken samsung data

2. If you select "Fix Device", you ought to:

Elect the file you want to restore at first and tap on "Next" to enter the Download mode. Next you need to click on "Start" button to start the fixing process.

recover data from broken samsung

Finally, choose "Android Data Recovery" mode to get back your data when your broken Samsung returns to normal.

download broken android data recovery for win download broken android data recovery for mac

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