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How Can I Extract Data from Broken Samsung Phone?

Samsung possesses thousands of fans around the world. This popular device equips powerful functions, such as HD camera, waterproof, dustproof, high-quality music player, big screen to watch videos, etc. Except for the wonderful features, its good-looking appearance also attracts lots of customers. From the feedback of Samsung users, this tool is really a good choice for us.

With Samsung phones, users can download and save various files in their device so that they are able to view and use them expediently. In this respect, it just likes a portable computer. However, these saved data would be dangerous for the reason that Samsung is very fragile and hard to repair if you break it. Thus, many users need a software to help them extract the data from their broken Samsung phone.

In order to get back the important data from your broken/damaged Samsung phone, using a third-party software would be much easier and safer. But there are a lot of recovery software in the market and which one would be better? Here, the Broken Android Data Recovery is strong recommended. This professional tool will help you extract the broken Samsung data within several simple clicks.

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The Easiest Way to Extract Data from Broken Samsung Phone

Broken Android Data Recovery enables you to restore various kinds of files like contacts, messages, music, videos, photos and so on from Android devices, no matter the device is intact or damaged. In addition, it is compatible with almost all kinds of Android devices, including Samsung, Huawei, Blackberry, HTC, etc. For the user with a broken Samsung, it is a saviour.

For your reference, the particular steps will be displayed below and you can try to go with them to fix your phone and extract your wanted data.

First, download and install the software on your computer.

win broken android data recovery mac broken android data recovery

Secondly, launch the tool and use an USB cable to link your broken Samsung to PC.

Thirdly, choose "Broken Android Phone Data Extraction" mode on the interface.

recover data from broken samsung

Fourthly, select "Start" or "Fix Device" option according to your real situation:

Option 1. Choose "Start" option when your Samsung screen is damaged or locked and you are not allowed to enter the device:

Find out your phone name and model at first. If you cannot find the name and model of your device, it means that your Samsung is not supported by the program.

If your Samsung is supported by the software, you can follow the instruction to enter the Download mode and tap on "Start" to begin the scanning process. After that, you will see the data on your broken device are listed in the program. Just click on the data that you want to extract and hit "Recover" to save them.

restore broken samsung data

Option 2. Select "Fix Device" when your Android is broken due to bricked, crashed, virus attacked, etc.:

Elect the file you want to restore at first and tap on "Next" to enter the Download mode. Next you need to click on "Start" button to start the fixing process. When the broken Samsung returns to normal, you need to choose "Android Data Recovery" mode to get back your data.

retrieve broken samsung data
download broken android data recovery for win download broken android data recovery for mac

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