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Tips to Fix Bricked Samsung Phone

It must be nettlesome and frustrating that you get a bricked Samsung device, right? But you have no need of being upset by this problem actually cause there are some solutions that you can try to solve the issue easily- you can turn to experts or attempt to fix bricked Samsung phone on your own. Here, if you prefer to select the latter option, you can take this article as a guidance.

Part 1. What Makes Samsung Phone Get Bricked?

Part 2. Extract Data from Bricked Samsung before the Fixing

Part 3. Use One Click Unbrick Software to Solve the Problem

Part 4. Fix Up Bricked Samsung by Flashing the Device

What Makes Samsung Phone Get Bricked?

Why Samsung phone becomes a brick? The reasons that cause this problem would be various but there are three main causes among them. These three factors are:

- Rooting erases some significant code programs;

- During the flashing process, the phone is switched off abnormally;

- Some important applications are mistakenly deleted from your rooted Samsung phone.

fix up bricked samsung phone

Extract Data from Bricked Samsung before the Fixing

Since the data on the bricked Samsung phone would be erased or deleted during the fixing process, you'd better extract the wanted phone data before starting the bricked Samsung phone fixing. To achieve this goal, you can ask Broken Samsung Data Extraction for help. With this tool, all your desired files can be restored from the damaged Samsung within clicks.

- Download and install the recommended software on your computer and then launch it.

win broken samsung data extraction mac broken samsung data extraction

- Connect the bricked Samsung phone to computer via USB cable and you will see the main interface of the program when the connection succeeds. Just tap on Broken Android Phone Data Extraction to enter the mode.

recover broken samsung data

- Click on Fix Device option and then select the problem that you phone meets. Here you can choose Others.

restore data from broken samsung

- Then you need to tap on Next and follow the instruction to enter the Download mode.

- After that, just hit Start to begin the fixing process. And when the process completes, your phone will return to normal status and you can go to Android Data Recovery mode to extract your wanted data.

broken samsung data recovery

Use One Click Unbrick Software to Solve the Problem

To solve the problem that Samsung phone gets bricked, you need one special tool- One Click Unbrick Software to help you. Let's see how to fix up bricked Samsung phone with this program:

- Use a USB cord to establish a connection between the bricked phone and computer.

- Right click the OneClick.jar file that you have downloaded from the internet and choose Run as Administrator.

- Tap on Unsoft Brick to start the unbricking process.

- Once the process is finished, you can reboot your Samsung and you will find that your phone runs normally.

unbrick samsung

Fix Up Bricked Samsung by Flashing the Device

Flashing your Samsung phone would also be a good way to settle the issue. However, the means to flash a new ROM on Samsung is a little bit complicated so you need to perform it carefully.

- Root your Samsung phone first and then unlock the Bootloader. Here the ways to unlock bootloader on different Samsung models are disparate so you need to ask user manual about it.

unlock bootloader on samsung

- Choose Backup or Nandroid in recovery mode to backup your Samsung data and then tap on OK to confirm your option.

- Next, you need to download a ROM you like on other device and save it in your SD card. And then insert the card to your Samsung phone.

- After inserting the card, you need to choose the option Install Zip from SD card and then tap on Choose from sd card to select the ROM that you have saved in the SD card just now. Tap on Power key to confirm it.

how to fix bricked samsung phone

- Reboot system now when the installation ends.

restart samsung


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