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Methods to Fix Google Play Error 920

What is Google Play Error 920?

Error 920 in Google Play is an issue that occurs when users download or update applications in the store. Once it happens, users are not able to download or upgrade any software on Google Play Store. However, this is not a serious issue since it is often caused by some simple factors like:

* A great deal of load on the data connection;

* The heavy caches on the device interrupt the smooth running of the device;

* The using network is weak or unstable.

You can see that it is not as serious as you think, right? So, you can follow the step-by-step methods below to fix Google Play error 920 on your own while the problem happens at first.

Part 1. Things You Can Do Before the Fixing

Part 2. 4 Ways to Fix Google Play Error 920

Things You Can Do Before the Fixing

Actually, while facing the Google Play error 920, you do not need to rush to take action to fix the problem for the reason that this error can fix itself. Thus, you can go with the tips below to check your device first.

* Wait 10-15 minutes: When you receive the error code 920 on Play Store, you can do nothing but wait for 10-15 minutes and try to update or download the applications again. Sometimes you would find that the issue can be solved by this simple means.

* Reboot Android phone: Restarting the device can always be a method to fix Android problems, error 920 is not excepted.

reboot android phone

* Download/update Apps individually: For saving time, some users may select to update or download several software at a time but this will result in the error 920 sometimes. So if the error appears, you can try to download/update the Apps individually.

* Use stock ROM: The Google Play error 920 would be caused by the custom Android ROM at times. Therefore, you can attempt to use the stock ROM to see whether it can solve the problem.

4 Ways to Fix Google Play Error 920

In this part, you will get 4 methods on how to solve error 920 in Google Play.

1. Reinstall the problematic application

It is very likely that there is something wrong with the application you are trying to install or update. Therefore, the first way you can try to solve the problem is to reinstall the problematic applications. To achieve that, you can:

Step 1. Open Play Store application on your Android phone to find out the application that you got error 920 with.

Step 2. Go to the application download page to uninstall the selected App or even remove all the updates in the Google Play.

uninstall applications

Step 3. Next, you should clear the task manager and reinstall the software.

2. Turn off the Wi-fi and then turn it back on

As we all know, downloading and installing applications in Google Play requires a stable network connection. So when you meet a downloading failure, you can consider if the connected Wi-fi is weak. If it is, you need to adjust the wireless network simply by:

Step 1. Go to Settings> Wi-fi to switch off the wireless network feature.

Step 2. Next, swipe the button once again to turn it back on.

enable wifi on android

Step 3. Enter Google Play Store to download and install the wanted applications again to see the error is fixed or not.

Sometimes the Wi-fi that you connect might be weak so you can try to use another network as well.

3. Delete Google Play caches and data

The running of Google Play would produce a lot of caches or useless data in the system. These caches and data would not affect the operation of the device at ordinary time. But if you do not clear them regularly, the amount of them would become huge, which would prevent the App or even the system run smoothly. Hence, you can attempt to clear the caches and data of Google Play to settle the issue.

Step 1. Visit Settings> Applications> Google Play Store and click on it to enter the App Info page.

Step 2. Tap on Clear cache and Clear data in sequence to delete them.

clear cache and data of google play

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4. Reconfigure Google account

Google account would cause the issue as well. In this case, you are suggested to revalidate your Google account on the Android phone. To accomplish this process, you only need to remove the Google account from your device and then add it back.

Step 1. Navigate to Settings> Accounts> Google Accounts.

Step 2. Tap on your account and select the option Remove account.

remove google account from android

Step 3. Then you can add back the account by clicking on Add account and typing in the username and password of your Gmail ID.

After that, you can go to download or update applications in Google Play to have a try.