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How to Boot Android Phone into Recovery Mode?

What is recovery mode on Android? It is an independent environment that allows users to factory reset, wipe cached partition, reboot system, backup and restore data, update firmware, etc. which are the mighty solutions to fix some Android software problems. Normally, all the Android phones can be booted into this mode but the methods are different. Thus, this article is written to tell the full methods to boot Android phone into recovery mode.

Tips: Preparation for Booting Android Device into Recovery Mode

It is very likely that you would lose or delete data on your device during the booting or recovering process. So before booting into recovery mode on Android, you are strongly recommended to backup the data on your device. And also, it would be essential for you to get the way of Android data recovery as well.

Guide on Booting Android Phone into Recovery Mode

The means to enter recovery mode on different Android brands are diverse and for your convenience, we will introduce the methods of booting Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and Google Nexus phones into recovery mode.

1. Boot Samsung Galaxy into recovery mode

To enter recovery mode on Samsung, you need to turn off the device by long pressing the Power button and click on Power off option at first. When the device is switched off, you can press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Home keys at the same time till you see the Samsung logo. Then, you need to select the recovery mode option and press the Power button to confirm your option.

samsung recovery mode

2. Enter recovery mode on HTC

For entering the recovery mode on HTC, you should go to Settings> Battery to uncheck the Fastboot option. Next, just switch off your device and then press the Volume Down and Power keys for a while. When you see a new menu appears on the screen, you can release the Power key. And then, just keep holding the Volume Down button to enter the Bootloader mode. Finally, you can select recovery mode in the Bootloader mode.

htc recovery mode

3. Boot into recovery mode on LG

Also, in order to enter the recovery mode on LG, you need to power off the device at first. When the mobile phone is turned off, you can press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the logo of LG appears. Once the logo appears, you need to release the keys and immediately press the Power and Volume Down button again till you see the Hard Reset menu. Then you can press the Power button to hard reset and your LG phone will be in recovery mode now.

4. Enter recovery mode of Motorola

For Motorola users, you should press and hold the Power and Home buttons after turning off the device. After that, the device will be turned on and a popup to enter recovery mode will appear. Just select the Recovery mode option and press the Power button to verify that.

5. Boot Google Nexus to recovery mode

Similarly, power off your phone first and long press the Volume Down and Power keys until you see the word "Start" showing at the top of screen. Then you ought to press the Volume Down twice and press the Power button to start recovery mode. Then when you see the Google logo, you can press and hold the Power key and Volume Up keys for about 3 seconds. Next, release the Volume Up button but keep pressing the Power key. And now you can select the wanted options in the recovery mode and perform the operation easily.

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