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Main Reasons of Android Data Loss

Almost all the Android mobile phone users have suffered data loss which could be a devastating disaster since all the files on your phone will be lost, including contacts, messages, favorite songs, interesting videos, meaningful photos and so on. Then, do you know the main reasons of Android data loss? Do you know how to retrieve the lost data back to your phone? This article will give you all the answers.

Part 1. What Causes Android Data Loss?

Part 2. How to Recover Lost Data on Android?

Part 1. What Causes Android Data Loss?

There are many reasons would cause the Android data loss. And most of them would be unintentional and unforeseen. Thus, you need to be careful while using your phone. What's more, you'd better make a backup for the important files on your Android in case the accident happens.

Reason 1. Accidental Deletion

It is very common that you wrongly press the Delete button or mistakenly select the files to wipe when you manage the device. This kind of data loss is caused by human error. So you need to ensure the contents or options before you remove the files since one gentle touch would erase your wanted data in an instant.

Reason 2. Malware or Virus Attack

Technology not only brings us convenience but also exposes us to the high risk of losing data. Why we say so? That's because others would attack your phone via malwares or viruses which would make you miss the files on your phone as well as fail to run the device smoothly. In this case, you are suggested to run your Android in a safe environment and avoid downloading the software from unknown or unreliable source. Mobile phone with malware or virus will be hard to deal with.

Reason 3. Android System Upgrade

Updating operating software version is an effective way to fix many Android problems. In addition, you can gain more functions from it. However, data loss would also occur during the updating process and this kind of loss would be fatal because it will be very hard for you to extract the data and the files that you can get back are half-baked.

Reason 4. Jailbreak

In order to fully use some applications on Android phone, some people would select to jailbreak their device to get more functions. Nonetheless, when your phone is jailbroken, it is more likely to be damaged or attacked, which would cause the data loss. Thus, you are not advised to jailbreak your phone.

Reason 5. Lose Your Device

If your Android phone is stolen, damaged in accidents or falls into water, you would lose all the data on your phone and unable to get them back. In this case, what you can do is just buy a new mobile phone and download the new files on it once again.

Part 2. How to Recover Lost Data on Android?

After losing your data, the first thing you most care about would be data recovery. Here, you can turn to a professional Android data recovery tool- Android Mobile Recovery. With it, all the files on your phone will be able to be retrieved easily. What's more, the recovering process would be 100% clean and secure. You can download and install the free trial of this program to have a try at first.

win android data recovery mac android data recovery

Step 1. Root your Android phone and enable USB debugging firstly.

Step 2. Connect your device to computer and launch the software. It will detect the connected device and install the driver on the computer automatically. Then you need to open USB storage on the device and click on Refresh to make your phone identified by the program.

recover android files

Step 3. After the recognition, the files on your phone will be listed in the left panel. Just select the files you like and check them. Finally hit on Recover button to restore and save them to your computer.

restore files from android

Notice: This means is only suitable for the normal Android device. If your phone is broken, you can click here to get another solution.

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