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The Best Way to Recover GIF Files from SD Card

Summary: From this article, you can get a handy software to recover your lost GIF files simply. As well, the detailed GIF recovery will be introduced.

In order to save the internal space of the mobile phone, most users would select to insert a SD card to their phones. Thus, many media files like GIF images, JPG pictures, downloaded songs, videos, etc. are usually saved in the SD card since they would take up a lot of space. However, these files would also be lost due to many reasons. When the data loss happens, do you know how to get them back, especially the GIF files?

If you have no any idea about it, don't worry! You can get an effortless but effective way to recover GIF files from SD card here.

Tips about GIF Recovery

There are several tips you should know when you lose GIF files in SD card:

- Do not use the SD card if possible. When you use the SD card, the GIF files that you want to restore might be covered by the new data. Then you would not be able to get them back anymore.

- Do not format the SD card and the memory card.

- Retrieve the lost GIF pictures as soon as possible with the help of a reliable recovery software.

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How to Recover GIF Files from SD Card?

Here, the Android SD Card Recovery is our strongest recommendation. With this tool, you can restore the files both from the internal memory and SD card. At the same time, the file types that it can retrieve are various, including GIF images, songs, videos, contacts, messages and so on. You can click on the download link below to have a try.

win android sd card recovery mac android sd card recovery

Here is how to restore GIF in SD card:

- Launch the installed program on your computer and select Android SD Card Recovery mode. Then connect your SD card to computer and the tool will detect the card automatically.

recover files from sd card

- After that, you need to select the disk drive for your SD card and tap on Next to start scanning the SD card for lost data. When the scan finishes, all the recoverable file types will be displayed on the interface.

restore android files from sd card

- Just click on the Photos folder to locate all the contents. Then tick all the GIF files that you want to restore and hit on Recover button to save them to your computer.

retrieve android data from sd card

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