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Easy Way to Restore Android Phone Data from Google Backup

Nowadays, more and more people realize the importance of phone data backup. As for Android phone users, backing up the data to Google Drive would be their first choice since the process is effortless and convenient. However, although many people know the way to backup files with Google Drive, less users know how to restore Android phone data from Google backup. Hence, this article is written to show you the details about the restoring process.

Part 1. How to Backup Android Phone to Google Drive?

Part 2. Restore Android Phone from Google Backup

Part 3. The Best Way to Backup & Restore Android Data

How to Backup Android Phone to Google Drive?

Before getting the way to restore Android phone data from Google backup, there is one thing you must know- you can restore the data only when you have a backup in Google Drive. That is to say, you need to sync the files on Android to Google Drive regularly then you are able to get them back from Google backup. This would be very easy and in fact, you can let the Google Drive to sync the data automatically:

- Go to the Settings App on your phone and then select Backup & reset option under this folder.

- Next, turn on the option Back up my data on your phone.

backup android data to google drive

- After that, you need to go back to the Backup & reset page to ensure that the Google account is associated in Backup account. Then just enable the Automatic restore feature which can restore settings and data while installing applications.

automatic restore

Now you do not need to data loss anymore cause your data will be backed up automatically to Google Drive and you can restore them from the backup without any hassle.

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Restore Android Phone from Google Backup

Then, how can you get back the data when you lose them? Since you have synced the data to Google Drive before, you can restore them from the Google Backup directly. This Android data recovery process can be completed on your phone simply.

- Open the Google Drive on your phone and sign in the account which you have used to backed up the Android data.

- After entering the account, you will see that all the synced data is displayed on the screen. Here you need to choose a device to view them.

- Then you can tap on Restore to recover the data after the confirmation.

recover android data from google backup

After restoring the data, you can check the amount of the stored applications as you like:

- Click on the icon of Google Drive on the Home screen.

- Select My Drive and click on the hamburger menu at the top left corner.

- Now go to Settings> Manage backup to see the applications that are using backup service.

how to manage google backup

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The Best Way to Backup & Restore Android Data

For Android phone users, using Google Drive to backup and restore data would be convenient. However, we all know that the free storage space of the drive is limited so you need to sync your Android files to computer when the Google Drive is full up. To accomplish that, you can make use of a professional Android data backup and restore software- Android Mobile Manager. It can help you to backup and restore all your Android files within one simple click.

win andriod mobile manager mac android mobile manager

- First, connect your phone to computer via USB cable and then launch the program.

- The next step is to make your phone be recognized. To achieve that, you need to enable USB debugging on your phone and go with the instructions on the interface to install the USB driver on your computer.

transfer android data to pc

- Once the tool detects your phone successfully, you will get the main interface of this program. Just tap on Super Toolkit and you will you see Backup and Restore options on the page.

backup and restore android files

- To backup your files, you can click on Backup and then a pop-up window with several categories will appear. Just tick the folders that you want to sync to computer and click on Back Up to save them.

one click to backup android data

- To restore the data, you can click Restore to bring a pop-up window. Then just select your phone name and the files you want to restore. Finally hit Restore to get them back.

one click to restore android data

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