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How to Restore Facebook Messages from Android?

Nowadays, Facebook Messenger is widely used around the world. Users chat with their friends, families or even colleagues on this application so there might be some important conversations on Facebook. But these messages would disappear sometimes- they are wrongly deleted or unexpected lost. In this case, you may want to restore Facebook messages from Android. And maybe this tutorial can help you.

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3 Ways to Recover Facebook Messages on Android

There are 3 methods you can use to restore Facebook messages from Android. And here are the details about them.

1. Recover archived messages from Facebook Messenger

For the users who are used to archive important messages on Facebook, it is easy to extract the deleted or lost conversations. This would be the simplest way to get back the Facebook data. The whole Facebook messages recovery process is:

Step 1. Enter the Facebook App on your Android phone and then tap on the search bar to type in the contact's name that you want to find.

Step 2. Select the person who has an archived conversation with you and then the messages will be displayed on the screen.

Here if you are using the Facebook account on web page, you can go to Messages> More> Archived to view the conversations.

retrieve facebook messages

See, it is really convenient, right? So if you did not archive your wanted Facebook messages before, you can form the habit from now on. The archiving process is very easy to perform: navigate to Facebook> Messenger and then long press the conversation that you want to save and click on Archive in the pop-up window.

2. Extract Facebook messages from Android phone memory

If you do not archive the messages in advance, you do not need to worry as well- Facebook always keeps a copy of Facebook data on the Android phone memory so you can extract the conversations from it also. But this means is not as easy as the first one and it would take you some time to accomplish the restoring process.

Step 1. Before restoring the messages, you need to download and install a file explorer on your phone. You can select one from Google Play Store and then install it on the device.

Step 2. Launch the explorer and then go to Internal Storage> Android> data in the tool.

Step 3. Now you need to look for the "com.facebook.orca" folder to get the Facebook Messenger. After that, you can tap on cache> "fb_temp" to get all the backed up files that are automatically saved by Facebook Messenger.

extract facebook messages

You can get back the Facebook messages from Android phone memory on computer as well:

Step 1. Connect your phone to computer with USB cable.

Step 2. Double click the icon of the device to open it and then go to SD card> Android> data> "com.facebook.orca"> cache> "fb_temp" to restore the conversations.

restore facebook conversations

3. Retrieve messages from downloaded Facebook data

Facebook allows users to download a copy of Facebook information like messages, followers, emails, chats, etc. so if you have make a copy for your Facebook data before, you can restore the desired messages from the downloaded Facebook data as well.

To copy the Facebook data, you can:

Step 1. Go to the Facebook website and login to your account.

Step 2. Next, go to Settings> General Account Settings> Download a copy of your Facebook data and click on the link.

get back facebook messages on android

Step 3. Then click on Start My Archive to copy the data. Then the data will be sent to your email.

start archive facebook messages

After that, you can download the data from email easily:

Step 1. Find out the email that is sent by Facebook in your mailbox.

Step 2. Click on the link to download the archive and tap on Download Archive. Then you will get a zip file containing all your Facebook information.

retrieve facebook messages from android

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