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A Complete Guide about SD Card Reader

In order to save more files or data on mobile phones, users would select to insert a SD card to their device. This could help to make room for the internal memory of the device. And after using the SD card, some users may want to transfer the SD card data to computer or need to restore the data in it when they are damaged. Then, in this case, you need to turn to a SD card reader.

Part 1. What is A SD Card Reader?

Part 2. How to Use SD Card Reader?

What is A SD Card Reader?

A SD card reader is a device that is able to read the data saved in the SD card. It can access the files that it stored without the original device that was used to create them. Therefore, users always use it to transfer the files from one device to another and the usage is very simple- inserting the SD into the provided slot of the reader and plugging it to the device like laptop. We can say that it is the tool that you can't miss if you want to move the files from SD card to computer or other device.

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How to Use SD Card Reader?

Then, how to use the SD card reader? If you have no any idea about that, you can go with the details below:

- Place the SD card to the SD card reader properly.

- Insert the SD card reader to the computer or other device.

- The device will detect the card reader automatically and scan for all files saved on the card.

- When the scan finishes, you can enter the tab to preview more detailed file information and manage them freely.

Extra: Recover the data on SD card with the help of SD card reader

During the process of using SD card, some users might wrongly delete some important files or the data saved on SD card may be damaged for known or unknown reasons. And at that moment, the first thing you want to do must be getting the lost data back, right? Don't worry! It is not a difficult task. Android SD Card Recovery can help you retrieve the data within clicks.

The way to restore SD card on Android:

- Download and install the suggested software on your computer.

win android sd card recovery mac android sd card recovery

- Next, you need to insert the SD card to a SD card reader and then link the card reader to computer. After that, launch the program on the computer and select Android SD Card Recovery mode at the top menu. The tool will detect the SD card automatically.

recover android sd card

- Then, you will be asked to elect the disk drive for your SD card. Just make a selection and tap on Next to begin scanning lost data on SD card. Once the scanning process ends, all the recoverable file types will be listed on the interface.

restore data on sd card

- Just click on the folder that you want to recover to locate and preview all the contents. Next, check all the files you want and tap on Recover button to get back and save them on your computer.

retrieve data on android sd card

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