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Guide to Delete WhatsApp Chat History on Android

Why users need to delete WhatsApp chat history on Android?

Generally speaking, people would select to remove chat history from Android WhatsApp for 2 main reasons:

1. Free up the space: As we all know, the smooth running of WhatsApp requires a certain amount of storage space so you need to clear the useless data on WhatsApp regularly to ensure the normal work of the application.

2. Secure the conversation: Hacker and malware are everywhere so to prevent your important messages from revealing, you'd better backup the significant chat history to other devices and then remove them from WhatsApp.

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From above, you can see that clearing WhatsApp chat history is essential. But here, some of you may only want to remove an individual conversation while some of you may tend to clear the entire chat history. Then how to achieve them? Just see here! Different ways to delete WhatsApp chat history on Android are listed below to help you:

Method 1. Selectively Delete Messages from A Conversation

Method 2. Remove An Individual Chat

Method 3. Delete A Group Chat

Method 4. Completely Clear Your Entire Chat History

Selectively Delete Messages from A Conversation

In an ordinary way, users would only like to delete some messages in a conversation and reserve other contents. Is it possible to realize this goal? Definitely YES! Only several clicks can complete the whole process and it would be easy to follow. Hence, if you are also the one who want to selectively delete messages from a conversation, you can go with the steps below to make an attempt.

Step 1. Click on the icon of WhatsApp on your phone screen and then tap on Chats to get the chats list.

Step 2. Select the contact from the list to enter your conversation.

Step 3. Now you can tap on one message that you want to delete and long press it. After that, you are able to select more messages.

Step 4. After ticking all the messages that you want to remove, you can tap on the trash bin icon and then a window will pop up to ask you if you want to delete these messages. Just click on Delete to remove them.

remove messages from a conversation

Remove An Individual Chat

Sometimes a meaningless conversation would also be created when you are boring. For this kind of chat histories, you are strongly suggested to remove them to clear up the storage space. And also, this can be completed in Chats setting easily. Moreover, it would be easier than deleting messages from a conversation since you do not need to select the messages. The specific process is:

Step 1. Enter the WhatsApp application on your phone and then go to the Chats section.

Step 2. Next, you should long press on the contacts that you want to delete the chat history.

Step 3. After that, you will see a pop-up window with several options. Just tap on Delete Chat in the window to remove the individual conversation from Android WhatsApp.

remove an individual chat

Delete A Group Chat

For completing a task or preparing a trip, people would establish some temporary groups sometimes. In these groups, members can discuss all the details about their task or travel. But once the task or trip is finished, these groups seem useless cause no one would speak anything on them. That is to say, there is no need to save the group as well as the chat history on it. So to remove a group chat, you are able to:

Step 1. First of all, you need to tap on the WhatsApp icon to enter the application as well.

Step 2. In the App, you should click on the Chats setting and then find out the group chat that you want to clear.

Step 3. Next, you need to long press on the group chat history, which would bring a window with several options.

Step 4. After that, you can select Exit group to quit the group chat and then long press on the chat messages again and the option Delete group will appear.

Step 5. Now you can simply tap on the Delete group option to clear the group chat.

remove group chat

Completely Clear Your Entire Chat History

For some special reasons, you might need to clear the whole chat history on your Android WhatsApp. This won't be difficult but before you perform the removing process, you'd better backup the WhatsApp messages on Android to computer or other devices in case that you want to get back some of these messages one day. Then you can start to clear the WhatsApp chat history without any scruple.

Step 1. Enter the WhatsApp on your Android phone and then click on Settings> Chats and calls> Chat history options in sequence.

Step 2. On the Chat history page, you can select Clear all chats or Delete all chats as you like. Both these two options can delete the chat record.

clear entire whatsapp chat

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