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6 Ways to Fix Google Play Error 963

What is Google Play Error 963?

According to its name, you can know this error is related to Google Play. This issue occurs when you try to download applications from Google Play Store: it will keep informing you that the error 963 is affecting your phone. And once it occurs, you are unable to download, remove or update software in Google Play Store. In a word, your phone cannot run smoothly in this case.

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Then, in order to turn your phone back to the normal status, you need to find solutions to fix Google Play Error 963. And here are several simple but helpful tips for your reference.

Part 1. Why Error 963 on Google Play Occurs?

Part 2. How to Fix Google Play Error 963?

Why Error 963 on Google Play Occurs?

When an issue happens, there must be some reasons behind it, right? Then, do you know what causes the error 963 in Google Play? If you don't, you can know them before fixing the error.

* Google Plat caches: When Google Play Store runs on the device, it will create a lot of caches. If you don't clear them regularly, the App caches will affect the running of Google Play.

* Download the App to SD card: To save space of the device, some users may select to download the applications to SD card. This operation is feasible in most cases but sometimes it would result in some errors like Google Play error 963.

* Google Play upgrade: The error would appear after the Google Play upgrade cause the new version might be incompatible with the Google Play Store or the downloading application.

how to fix google play error 963

How to Fix Google Play Error 963?

To solve error 963 on Google Play, you have 6 solutions. You can pick up one of them to solve the problem according to your situation.

1. Delete caches of Google Play Store

Now you know that the caches of Google Play Store would interrupt the running of the application so you can try to solve the problem by clearing the caches that left in the store. It could be easy. You just need to navigate to Settings> Applications. Then look for Google Play Store and Google Service Framework from the application list. Just click on them to enter their App Info page. Next, tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache directly to remove the caches.

delete google play caches

2. Download the App to internal Storage

To ensure the successful running of the application, you are advised to download and install the software to internal storage. For the Apps that you have downloaded to SD card, you can try to move them to the internal storage to make the store and phone work well.

To move the application to internal storage, you can go to Settings> Apps/Application Manager. Then you need to swipe right further to open the All tab. After that, all the applications on your phone will be displayed. Now you can find out the App that is causing the issue and tap on it to enter the next page. On the App Info page, you can choose Move to internal storage to move the App.

3. Unmount SD card

Unmounting the SD card is also solution here. This means will change the location of your applications. To unmount the card, you can:

- Click the icon of Settings on the Home screen and then select Storage under the Settings section.

- On this page, you can find and tap on the option Unmount SD Card.

unmount sd card on android

4. Re-add your Google account

Reconfiguring the Google account on your phone is another way to solve the problem. To complete this process, you need to:

- Go to Settings> Accounts> Google to remove the Google account that you have signed in from the device at first.

- After that, you can go back to Settings> Accounts to add the account back to your phone easily.

add google account

5. Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

If the problem is caused by the Google Play update, you need to downgrade the software to settle the problem here. To achieve this goal, you can navigate to Settings> Apps to find out the Google Play Store and then tap on it. Next, you can click on Uninstall Play Store Updates to downgrade the App easily.

downgrade google play

6. Reset the factory settings on Android

Normally the methods above can fix the Google Play error 963. But if they all fail, you have the last bet here- factory reset the device. When you use this means, you need to be careful cause it will erase all the files as well as settings on the device. So you'd better backup the wanted files on your phone in advance.

To factory reset your phone, you should tap on Settings> Backup & Reset> Factory data reset> Reset Phone and finally tap on OK to begin the resetting process.

factory reset android

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