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Tips to Enhance OneDrive Data Security on Android

To prevent the Android phone data from unexpected loss or deletion, users are usually suggested to backup their files to OneDrive or other cloud storage tool. However, OneDrive is not totally safe also so you need to enhance OneDrive data security on Android to ensure their safety. In order to help you complete the enhancing process more smoothly, we would like to show you several useful tips about it.

Part 1. How to Improve OneDrive Security on Android?

Part 2. Some Useful Tips for OneDrive

How to Improve OneDrive Security on Android?

Undoubtedly, setting a password for an account or application is the best way to protect the data saved in it. After setting the passcode, others cannot access to your account or application easily so your data will be hard to reveal. Hence, to enhance OneDrive data security on Android, you can select to set a password for them. This is not a difficult task for you actually.

The details to set up passcode for OneDrive are:

- Establish a stable connection between your Android phone and Wi-fi or cellular data network, which can ensure the successful performance of this process.

- The next step is to sign into your OneDrive account on your phone. After that, you need to tap on the three-bar icon on the screen to open the menu and select Settings from the list.

improve onedrive data security on android

- Now just scroll down the Settings page to find out the Passcode section. In this section, you need to turn on the Require code option.

set passcode for onedrive

- Next, the application will ask you to create a 4 digit code. Just type in them on the screen and then confirm them on the next page.

create passcode for onedrive

Here, we have some tips for you to set a safer passcode:

* Use different passwords for different accounts so you won't lose all your accounts if one of them is divulged.

* Try to use multiple words like "Pass0147" rather than a simple word or numbers like "1234" if possible. Otherwise it will be very easy to be broken.

* Do not use some common passwords like your name, birthday or other codes that can be easily guessed.

* Setting the passcode with some symbols or uppercase letters will make it harder to be guessed.

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Some Useful Tips for OneDrive

In this part, we will show you several useful tips which can help you to use and manage OneDrive more easily and freely. If you are interested in it, you can read on to get them.

1. How to get more free storage?

The free storage space of OneDrive is limited- only 15GB so the files that you can save in it are restricted also. In this case, if you want to get more free storage space of OneDrive, you need to turn to some expert techniques like Bing bonus, Samsung mobile bonus or camera rell bonus to extend the free storage limit.

2. How to upload office files to OneDrive directly?

Sometimes you may want to upload some office files to OneDrive to make a backup. And luckily, OneDrive allows you to upload them directly, including word, excel or PowerPoint files. You can select the files on your phone and then elect OneDrive to save them.

3. Can I share OneDrive images with friends?

You may want to share some pictures in OneDrive with your friends but how to do that? To achieve this goal, you can move the images that you want to share into a album and then tap on info> share> Add people to invite your friends or contacts. Then you can get a direct link of the album and share or email them on the social website.

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