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How to Take A Screenshot on Samsung S8 or S8 Plus?

When you want to share your music playlist with friends, save the important conversations in the application, capture a scene of a movie, what would you do? I think most users of Samsung S8 or S8 Plus would choose to take a screenshot due to its convenience and simpleness. But for the people who are new to the device, it may be a difficult for them to capture the phone screen. Thus, we write this article to tell you how to take screenshot on Samsung S8/S8 Plus easily.

4 Methods to Take Screenshot on Samsung S8/S8 Plus

There are 4 ways to take screenshots on Samsung S8 or S8 Plus. All these ways are easy to operate so it will only take you several minutes to learn all of them. Their specific operations are as below:

1. Capture Samsung screen by using a button shortcut

Using a button shortcut is the most old-fashioned way to take screenshot on Samsung. This means is appropriate for many Samsung models but the buttons might be a little bit different. To take screenshot on Samsung S8, you need to:

- Turn on the page that you want to capture like an interface of applications, Home screen, etc.

- Press down the Power and Volume Down buttons till you hear a little buzz. Then release the buttons and the capturing process is done.

After that, you can go to Pictures and find the Screenshots album in this section. Then you can view or edit the screenshot freely.

how to take screenshot on samsung

2. Take screenshots via gestures

Another common capturing way on Samsung is to make use of gestures. Compared with the first method, this means would be more popular cause it is easier and more convenient- users only need to swipe the screen with their hands and then they can get a screenshot.

- Before using this method, you need to enable the feature on your phone in advance: click on Settings> Motions and gestures> Palm swipe to capture.

- Then you can exit the setting page and go to the page that you want to capture.

- On the page, you can put your hand on one side of the phone screen vertically. Then just horizontally swipe across the screen to take a screenshot.

capture samsung screen

While capturing the screen, you will hear a camera shutter as well. Besides, you would receive a notification saying a picture has been saved in the Gallery. You can go to the Photos folder on your phone to view them.

3. Get a scrolling screenshot on Samsung S8 or S8 Plus

Sometimes users may want to capture two or more pages on the device but it would be tiring to take screenshots one by one, right? So in this case, you are suggested to take a scrolling screenshot for the pages. Also, to use this function, you need to turn on the feature in Settings at first.

- Tap on Advanced settings and elect Smart capture to enable the feature.

- Once again, go to the screen that you want to capture and then take a shot of it by using the first or second means above.

- After that, several options will display at the bottom of the screen. Just select Scroll capture from the list. Then you need to keep clicking on the Scroll capture key to keep going down the page until you are done.

If you want to edit or share the taken screenshot, you can use this feature to achieve the goal as well.

4. Capture screen in oval or squares or create GIFs

Some users may only want to capture a part of the page or create a GIF. This requirement seems difficult but it can be completed on Samsung S8/S8+ effortlessly. That's because these two devices allow users to take screenshots in oval, square or animation. If you are interested in this feature, you can go with the steps below to get the funning images on your phone.

- First of all, you should switch the feature on: select Settings> Display> Edge screen> Edge panels.

- Then you can go to the page you want to capture and open the Edge panel.

- After that, look for and tap on the option Smart select. Then different options will pop up on the screen and you can choose to take the screenshot in rectangle, oval or animation.

- After confirming that, you can elect the area that you want to capture or turn into a GIF.

how to capture samsung screen

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These are all the ways that you can used to take screenshots on Samsung S8 or S8+. Hope they can help you and make your phone usage easier.