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Tutorial on How to Uninstall Google Play Service

It is known to all that the Google Play Service uninstallation is a difficult task to accomplish since it is an inbuilt application. Nonetheless, it is still possible to remove it from the device even though the process would be a little bit time-consuming and complicated. So if you really want to remove the store from your device, you can go with this tutorial to get the solution about how to uninstall Google Play Service on Android.

Part 1. Why I Want to Uninstall Google Play Service on Android?

Part 2. Steps to Turn off Google Play Service on Android

Part 3. Guide to Remove Google Play Service

Why I Want to Uninstall Google Play Service on Android?

Although Google Play Service is an inbuilt store for Android users to download and update applications, there are quite a few users want to uninstall it cause:

- The application often occurs some errors like Google Play error 963, 491, 920, etc. which would prevent users from downloading applications.

- Google Play Store would take up a lot of space of the device which would affect the installation and running of other applications.

- The Google Play error would interrupt the smooth running of other applications or even the device.

It seems that users have many reasons to uninstall Google Play Store but before you perform the removing process, you need to think carefully. That's because the uninstallation would bring about some troubles at the same time. For example:

- You can only download applications from other sources after uninstalling Google Play but these applications maybe malware or antirun which would damage your mobile phone.

- The applications associated with Google Play on your phone, such as Google Maps, Gmail, Google music, etc. will be unable to run smoothly.

- The whole functionality of the device will be tampered cause the Play Service is closely associated with Android system.

Thus, if the problem is not so serious, you are suggested to turn off the Google Play Service instead of uninstall it directly. And the followings are the steps to switch off and remove Google Play Service for your reference.

Steps to Turn off Google Play Service on Android

For the people who want to get rid of the Google Play Service but are afraid of damaging the device, you can select to disable the service on your service. By using this means, the Google Play Store won't disturb you anymore and the device won't be affected by the disabled software as well. So you can have a try first.

- Navigate to Settings> Applications> All to get all the applications that are installed on your phone and then find out Google Play Service from the list.

- Next, tap on Google Play Service to enter the App Info page. On this page, you can click on Disable to switch off the feature and tap on OK to confirm your option.

disable google play service

From now on, the service will not affect you during the phone usage. And if you want to use it again, you can enable the feature once again.

Guide to Remove Google Play Service

If you really want to uninstall the Google Play Service to make room for other applications, you need to root the device and then turn to a third-party software:

- First of all, you need to root your Android phone.

- After rooting the phone, you need to find a reliable uninstalling application to help you. For example, you can download and install System App Removal on your phone and then go with the instructions to uninstall the service.

remove google play service

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