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Tips to Prevent Phone Data from Losing

Phone data loss is a common but serious issue- users often lose the files on their devices for different reasons. After that, we always need to do something to retrieve the lost data. This would be a hard task sometimes. Thus, instead of restoring the data after losing them, you are suggested to prevent phone data from losing beforehand, which would be more effortlessly and safely.

Part 1. Why Does Phone Data Always Lose?

Part 2. How to Prevent Phone Data from Losing?

Why Does Phone Data Always Lose?

Why does data loss always occur on mobile phones? This issue would be caused by many reasons actually:

* The files are wrongly deleted

The most common reason for phone data loss must be accidental deletion. Users usually need to manage their phone data so that they can use the device more smoothly. But whiling managing the device, they would wrongly select the data they want and tap on Delete option too quickly. Then they will lose these files.

* Physical damage cause the data loss

Dropping the mobile phone to ground or water is very common in our daily lives. If the device is damaged slightly in this case, the phone will run normally as usual. But if it is seriously damaged or broken, some of the data saved in it will disappear and sometimes the device would even unable to be opened.

* The phone is attacked by malware or virus

Now users tend to download and install a lot of applications on their mobile phone, which would bring more fun to them. But on the other hand, these applications would bring some virus to the device and cause some issues like data loss or reveal.

* The phone is lost or stolen

Another situation is that your phone is left somewhere but you forget to take it back or stolen when you are shopping or taking a bus. If this unfortunate situation happens to you, it will be very hard for you to get back the phone and the data.

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How to Prevent Phone Data from Losing?

Since the phone data would be lost easily and unexpectedly, you need to take actions to save the phone data from losing. Then how to effectively prevent the data loss? Here are some tips for your reference:

1. Make a backup for the wanted files

The most important thing to protect the phone data is to make a backup for the desired files. After getting the copy of the phone data, you won't need to worry about the data loss anymore cause you can restore them from the backup easily. What's more, you will be able to view and manage the backed up data on your phone or computer freely. Thus, it is very significant for you to develop a habit of backing up data on Android phone or iPhone regularly.

backup phone files

2. Set passwords for your data

To lower the risks of losing data, you need to encrypt the files on your phone. A complicated passcode would stop the malware or virus from accessing the applications easily. In other words, it can protect your phone data to some extent.

For Android and iPhone users, the ways to set passwords are different:

- On iPhone: Users do not need to do anything cause the device has done the encryption automatically.

- On Android phone: You need to go to Settings> Security and then go with the prompts to perform the encrypting process.

encrypt files on your phone

3. Set up a screen lock

A screen lock will stop others from viewing your phone data without getting your permission. This would helpful especially when you have a child- children may open your phone delete some files saved in it unconsciously. And it will effectively prevent the thief from stealing and spread your personal information as well. Hence, you are strongly suggested to set up a screen lock for your phone.

And normally, you can set up at least 3 kinds of passcode on your phone- PIN number, Pattern, Touch ID or Face ID. It can be easily set in the Settings application on your phone.

set up screen lock

4. Track your phone

Installing a tracker on your phone will be helpful. It will help to pinpoint the exact location of your phone and tracking when the phone lose and tell you who have the device. It can be a good assistant when your phone is unfortunately stolen.

5. Configure your applications

To avoid the application data from losing, you'd better require a 2-step authentication process for every account that you have signed in on your phone. This would prevent others from accessing your social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. and send some fraud messages to your contacts. This is an important protective measure to ensure the security of your App data.

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