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Full Guide on How to Share Dropbox Photos on Android

If you are the person who likes to share pictures with friends or families, you are strongly suggested to use Dropbox application. The reason is that you can share Dropbox photos on Android with others via WhatsApp, Facebook, email, Skype or other social media applications. Compared with other software, it would be more convenient, right?

Now if you are interested in it, you can read on to get the way to sync pictures in Dropbox easily.

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2 Ways to Share Dropbox Photos on Android

There are two ways you can use to perform the Dropbox photos sharing- you can select to sync single or multiple photos in Dropbox or share the photo albums directly. You can choose one of them as the case may be.

Method 1. Sync single or multiple pictures in Dropbox

If you only want to share one or several images in Dropbox on Android, you can send the link of the selected photos to others via messages, email, WhatsApp or other social media applications. This would be very convenient since the receiver can get the link and view the pictures without registering a Dropbox account.

Now you can start the sharing process:

Step 1. Open the Dropbox App on your Android phone. After entering it, you need to open its menu, namely tapping on the three horizontal bars icon at the top left. Next, choose Photos from the list and then you will see all the pictures in Dropbox will be displayed in the folder.

Step 2. Now you should tap on the checkmark icon to elect the desired photos and click on Share icon.

Step 3. Then several options will appear. Just choose Anyone with the link can view this file and select the way to send the link, such as messages, Facebook, Skype, etc.

sync dropbox pictures on android

But Please attention here: you need to install the applications like WhatsApp, Skype or other software on your phone if you want to send the link with them. Otherwise, the sharing process won't be successful. In addition, if you do not want to share the images, you can void the link. You can go to dropbox.com to sign in your account. Then you need to elect the link folder and click on "X" icon and finally tap on Delete link to cancel it.

Method 2. Share the photo albums in Dropbox

For the people who want to transfer the whole photo album, you can choose to share them once rather than syncing several pictures a time. This means would be more effective and it is not complicated:

Step 1. Launch the Dropbox on your phone and go to Photos category.

Step 2. Now long press one picture to start selecting pictures and then click on the three dots icon to select Add to album. Here you can choose to add them to an existing album or create a new one.

add dropbox images to album

Step 3. Next, you can go to Photos> Albums to elect the album you want to share.

Step 4. After that, you need to tap on Share album at the bottom and select an application to share them.

share photos album in dropbox

Extra Tips to Manage Dropbox Albums on Android

Talking about albums, you may want to manage the Dropbox albums on your phone after establishing one. And here are several tips for you.

- Delete pictures from an album

Sometimes you might wrong add pictures to an album and want to remove it from the folder. To achieve that, you can go to the album and then long press one of photos that you want to delete to begin the selection. After confirming all the pictures, you can tap on remove to omit them from the album.

- Remove photos album

If you want to delete a photos album, you can open the album in Dropbox directly and then tap on the menu icon to select the option Delete album. Then this album will be deleted but you still can find the pictures in your Photos folder.

- Rename album

In order to find out the album or picture more quickly, some users may want to rename the album. This could be easy. You only need to find the album that you want to rename and tap on its name. Then just type in the new name you want.

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