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What to Do If Samsung Cloud Backup Failed?

Most Samsung phone users know how to backup their phone data with Samsung cloud but do you know what to do if Samsung cloud backup failed? Although this is a rare issue, it is still on the cards, right? Hence, it would be helpful for you to learn the solutions to fix the Samsung cloud backup failure. And here is a tutorial about that.

Part 1. How to Fix Samsung Cloud Backup Failed Issue?

Part 2. Alternative Way to Backup Samsung Data

How to Fix Samsung Cloud Backup Failed Issue?

To solve the Samsung cloud backup failed problem, there are 5 means for you to select. You can try them one by one or choose one of them according to your actual condition.

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Solution 1. Reboot your Samsung phone

Restarting the device would always be your first option to fix mobile phone problems. And here Samsung backup failure is the same. This is the easiest means to solve phone errors. Although it is simple, it is effective.

- Press down the Power button of your Samsung phone until a pop-up window appears.

- Next, select Restart option from the list to reboot the device.

reboot samsung

After the phone is opened once again, you can try to sync files to Samsung cloud to check whether it works this time.

Solution 2. Remove the Samsung cloud account and then add it back

It is possible that the Samsung cloud account you entered is invalid or need to be re-verified. In this case, you'd better remove the account from your device at first and then re-add it. This means sounds a little bit complicated but it is feasible at most of the time. The detailed reconfiguring process is:

- Go to Settings> Cloud and Accounts> Samsung Cloud.

- Then you should tap on the three dot icon on the screen to open the menu and choose Settings option from the list.

- In Settings section, you can tap on Remove Account to delete the account on your Samsung phone and then add it back.

delete samsung cloud account

Solution 3. Change the network connection

Performing a Samsung data backup with Samsung cloud requires a good network connection. So it is possible that the network you are using is weak or unusable. Then in order to settle this problem, you can switch the connection- change to Wi-fi connection or cellular data network. The switch would be easy for you to complete.

But there is another possibility of this issue- you have enabled Sync using Wi-fi only feature in settings but you are using a phone data now. In this case, you need to turn off the feature then you can backup the data smoothly. The followings are the details about how to turn off the feature.

- Visit Settings> Cloud and accounts> Samsung Cloud.

- Then enter the Settings section by tapping on the three dot icon.

- Finally, click on the option Sync using Wi-fi only to disable the function.

disable sync using wifi only

Solution 4. Delete Samsung cloud caches

The caches of Samsung cloud and Samsung account would not only slow the running speed of the device but also interrupt the smooth work of Samsung cloud. Thus, clearing Samsung cloud and account caches is also a means to fix the issue here.

- Tap on Settings> Apps and then click on the three dots icon to open the menu.

- Next, select Show system apps to get the installed applications on your Samsung.

- Choose Samsung Cloud and Samsung Account from the listed Apps and then go to Storage> Clear Data/Clear Cache to clean the junk files on the device.

delete samsung cloud caches

Solution 5. Upgrade Samsung cloud

Another suggested way to solve the Samsung cloud failed issue is to update the Samsung cloud. That's because a new version of application can bring some new features as well as fix some bugs of the old version. To get the Samsung cloud update, you can:

- Click on the update notification that Samsung sends to you to get the update files.

- Go to the official website of Samsung and download the most recent Samsung cloud from the website.

Alternative Way to Backup Samsung Data

If the Samsung cloud backup always fails, you can try to use other ways to backup the Samsung data. Here maybe Android Mobile Manager can do you a favor. This is a professional software to backup Android files, including contacts, messages, images, music, videos and so on. It is worth mentioning that all these files can be backed up with one simple click. This would really be convenient and time-saving so why don't you have a try?

win android mobile manager mac android mobile manager

Here is the tutorial about the Samsung data backup:

- At first, connect your Samsung phone to computer and launch the program. To make your phone be recognized, you need to enable USB debugging on your phone and install USB driver on your computer and then you can go on.

backup samsung data

- Once the software detects the connected phone successfully, you can get the main interface of the tool. Then just click on Super Toolkit on the top menu.

- Next, tap on Backup and you will see a pop-up window with several folders. Just tick the file types that you want to backup and hit Back Up to move them to computer.

backup samsung files

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