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What to Do When Google Backup Not Working?

After possessing a Google account, we can do many things on our Android phone. For example, we can sync the phone data to Google account easily, which can make a backup for the Android phone. However, you must know that no one application can run well all the time so you need to know what to do when Google backup not working.

Part 1. Why Google Backup Fails to Work?

Part 2. How to Fix Google Backup Not Working Issue?

Part 3. Alternative Way to Backup Android Files

Why Google Backup Fails to Work?

As the saying goes, where there's smoke, there's fire. That is to say there must be some reasons cause the Google backup failure. So, to better understand the problem and figure out the solutions, you need to know the main reasons for this issue:

- The poor network connection. The transmission between Android and Google account requires a good network condition. Therefore, when the Wi-fi or mobile data you are using is weak or even unusable, the syncing process will be interrupted.

- Using a wrong Google account. To make a backup with Google Drive, you need to sign into an available Google account at first. So, before starting the transferring process, you need to ensure that you are entering the right account.

- Too many cached data. There are many caches and junk files created on the mobile phone every day. If you do not clear them regularly, they will affect the running of the device and cause some problems- Google backup failure is one of them.

- Out-dated Google Drive or Android system. When the version of the Google Drive or Android system is too old, some issues or errors will occur.

How to Fix Google Backup Not Working Issue?

Now we can begin to fix the Google backup not working issue now. Actually, it is a simple task.

1. Inspect the network connection

Once you meet the backup failure, the first thing you can check is the network. You can turn off both cellular data and Wi-fi on your phone and then reconnect them. If it still not works, you need to check or restart the router to fresh the network.

Except for the network connection, you need to inspect the settings as well because Google Drive has the backup with Wi-fi only feature. If you have enabled this feature but use the mobile data to complete the backup, it must be failed. So just go to Google Drive and tap on the menu icon to get the Settings option. Next, find the option Transfer files only over Wi-fi and see if it is on or not. If it is enabled, you need to switch it off.

2. Re-add Google account

The second method you are suggested to attempt is to remove the Google account on your phone and then re-add it:

- Click on Settings on the Home screen and select Accounts from the list.

- After that, a list of accounts will appear. Just elect Google from the list and click on the three dots icon to open the menu.

- Tap on Remove account to delete the Google account that you have saved on the device.

remove google account from android phone

- Next, go to Settings> Accounts> Google and then go with the instructions to add the account to your phone.

add google account to android

3. Clear Google Drive's cache

Most of Android problems are caused by caches, Google backup failure is included. Thus, you can attempt to fix the issue by wiping the cached data of Google Drive:

- Launch the Google Drive on your phone and then tap on Settings.

- Click on Clear Cache option to wipe the junk data.

wipe google drive cache

- At last, long press the Power button to reboot your Android phone and begin the Google backup again to see whether the problem is solved.

4. Upgrade Google Drive & Android system

A software update can fix some bugs of the old version so users often use this method to settle their phone problems. Here, you can make an attempt as well.

- Android software update: Navigate to Settings> About Phone> System Updates/Software Updates.

- Google Drive upgrade: Go to Google Play Store to check if there is any update available. If there is, you can tap on it and follow the instructions to download the install the latest version on the phone.

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Alternative Way to Backup Android Files

Apart from Google Drive, you can use Android Mobile Manager to backup the Android files as well. Although it is a third-party software, it can backup various types of files, such as messages, contacts, songs, videos, photos and so on. And what's more important, all these files can be transferred to computer within one simple click. It is worth a shot!

win android mobile manager mac android mobile manager

Here is how to sync files from Android phone to computer:

- Use USB to connect your Android to computer. Then go with the instructions on the screen to enable the USB debugging on your phone and download the USB driver.

backup android data

- After that, the program will detect the connected device automatically and display the detailed information of your phone on the interface.

- Select Super Toolkit on the top menu and tap on Backup. Then a window with several file types will pop up. Just tick the files that you want to sync and hit Backup to move them to computer.

one click to backup android data to pc

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