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Why SIM Card Cannot Be Detected?

To make calls, send or receive messages or use cellular data on mobile phones, users need to insert a SIM card to their device. And this is an easy operation which can be completed within one minute. However, the simple operation is not always successful- some users may be informed that the SIM card is not inserted on the device. Then, why the SIM card cannot be detected and how can you solve this problem? This article will tell you all about them.

Part 1. Why SIM Card Cannot Be Detected by Android Phone/iPhone?

Part 2. How to Fix Phone Cannot Detect SIM Card Issue?

Why SIM Card Cannot Be Detected by Android Phone/iPhone?

You must wonder why the SIM card cannot be detected by the mobile phone after being inserted. In fact, this problem can be caused by many reasons:

* The SIM card or card slot on the device is broken so the detection is failed.

* The card is inserted improperly so it is difficult for the phone to detect it.

* You mistakenly set the network mode to the incorrect type which would cause the detection failure.

* The software on your phone might be corrupted or conflicting.

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How to Fix Phone Cannot Detect SIM Card Issue?

To solve the problem that the SIM card cannot be detected by the device, you can try several simple tips and tricks at first.

1. Reboot the mobile phone

The first attempt could be restarting the device. This is means is often used to solve different kinds of phone issues and it works at most time. So you can try it first.

Just press down the Power button of your device to switch it off. Then wait for a while and hold down the Power button to reboot it. After that, just make a call to check whether the SIM card can be recognized now.

reboot mobile phone

2. Inspect the SIM card and card slot

If the first way fails, you need to check if the card or card tray is broken. Just power off the device and then remove the card from the SIM slot. Then insert the card to another SIM card tray to see whether it works well. If not, the card must be damaged or broken and you should take it to the carrier to repair it. And also, you can check the SIM card tray in the same way.

After the inspection, if you find nothing wrong with the card and slot, you need to place it back to the card tray properly. You can follow the steps below to insert the card:

- Turn off your mobile phone and then take out the card from the SIM tray.

- Clear or blow out the dust on the tray and SIM card.

- Next, reinsert the card into the slot and power on the device.

inspect sim card and card slot

3. Turn on Airplane mode

Another method that most users use to fix the error is to enable the Airplane mode on the device. The specific steps are:

- Swipe down the screen of your device to open the notification bar.

- Click on the icon of Airplane mode to enable the feature.

- Then you should wait for at least 30 seconds and tap on the icon once again to switch off the mode.

turn on airplane mode

Now just check whether the SIM card works normally- try to send/receive messages or make calls.

4. Set network mode to auto

A wrong network mode would cause the SIM card detection failure as well. Thus, you can try to set the network mode to auto to settle the problem. The means to set the network mode on Android phones and iPhone is a little bit disparate.

- On Android phone: You can go to Settings> Connections> Mobile Networks> Network Mode. And then look for the LET/WCDMA/GSM (auto connect) option and tap on it to enable the feature.

- On iPhone: Navigate to Settings> Personal Hotspot> Enable 4G to turn it on. Then you can tap on the Home button to return to the Home screen to use the auto network connection and attempt to use your SIM card.

5. Factory reset the mobile phone

Your last bet is to factory reset the device. This would be the most effective way but you are suggested to try it only when all the other solutions fail. That's because this means you would erase the data and settings on your phone. So before resetting your device, you need to make a backup for your Android phone files or iPhone data.

Then, you can begin to factory reset the device now.

- To factory reset your Android phone, you can go to Settings> Backup and Restore> Backup> Reset Phone to set the phone to its original settings.

- To reset your iPhone, you need to visit Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings to wipe all the settings and files.

iphone factory reset

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