this picture shows Android's Picture-in-Picture Mode

Android’s Picture-in-Picture mode is a handy feature that allows you to multitask while watching videos or video calling. With Picture-in-Picture mode, you can shrink the video window into a small floating window, giving you the freedom to use other apps simultaneously. In this guide, we’ll show you how to enable and use Android’s Picture-in-Picture mode to enhance your multitasking experience.

Enabling Android’s Picture-in-Picture Mode

To enable Android’s Picture-in-Picture mode, first, ensure that your device is running Android 8.0 Oreo or later.  Once you’re using a compatible app, simply play a video or start a video call.

this image shows Android's Picture-in-Picture Mode
Android’s Picture-in-Picture Mode

Activating Picture-in-Picture Mode

Once you’re watching a video or engaged in a video call, you can activate Picture-in-Picture mode by tapping the Home button on your device. This action will shrink the video window into a small floating window that you can move around the screen. You can then continue using other apps while the video plays in the background.

Adjusting Picture-in-Picture Window

Android’s Picture-in-Picture mode allows you to adjust the size and position of the floating window according to your preferences. You can resize the window by pinching it in or out with two fingers, and you can move it around by dragging it to different parts of the screen. This flexibility ensures that the Picture-in-Picture window doesn’t obstruct your view of other apps.

Navigating Between Apps

With Picture-in-Picture mode enabled, you can easily switch between the floating video window and other apps on your device. Simply tap on the Picture-in-Picture window to bring it to the forefront, and then tap on the app you want to use. This seamless navigation allows you to stay productive while enjoying your favourite videos or video calls.

Exiting Picture-in-Picture Mode

This will bring up the controls for the video, allowing you to pause, play, or close the video altogether. Alternatively, you can drag the floating window to the bottom of the screen to dismiss it.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more direct approach, you can simply drag the floating window to the bottom of the screen. This action will dismiss the Picture-in-Picture window, effectively closing the video and exiting Picture-in-Picture mode. It’s a quick and easy way to return to your previous app or task without any additional steps.

Customizing Picture-in-Picture Settings

Android offers various settings to customize your Picture-in-Picture experience. You can adjust settings such as automatically entering Picture-in-Picture mode when a video starts, or enabling Picture-in-Picture for all supported apps. These settings allow you to tailor Picture-in-Picture mode to suit your preferences and usage habits.

Enhancing Productivity with Picture-in-Picture Mode

Android’s Picture-in-Picture mode is not only convenient for entertainment but also enhances productivity. Whether you’re watching a tutorial while working on a project or participating in a video conference while responding to emails, Picture-in-Picture mode enables you to multitask efficiently. By utilizing Picture-in-Picture mode, you can make the most of your device’s capabilities and get more done in less time.

Additionally, Picture-in-Picture mode is incredibly useful for professionals who frequently engage in video conferences or virtual meetings. For example, while participating in a video conference call, you can shrink the video window and continue checking your emails or taking notes in a document. This allows you to stay actively engaged in the meeting while also attending to other tasks simultaneously. As a result, you can effectively manage your time and stay productive throughout the day.


Android’s Picture-in-Picture mode is a versatile feature that enhances multitasking on your device. By enabling Picture-in-Picture mode, you can watch videos or engage in video calls while using other apps simultaneously. With its intuitive controls and customizable settings, Picture-in-Picture mode offers a seamless multitasking experience, allowing you to stay productive and entertained on your Android device.

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