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Guide on How to Clear Search History on Android

When you have some puzzles like how to go the nearby bus station, how to solve this mathematics headache and etc, you probably don't want to wait any second and search on the internet for the right answers. But do you know such search histories will also be saved on your device and won't disappear automatically? So when these files contain your personal information, you could possibly want to erase these search histories in order to eliminate any possibilities of privacy leak.

Then this is when the Android Mobile Eraser comes to help. With this software, you can easily wipe out any files from Android, with zero possibility of getting recovered. All different files including various junk files can all be perfectly supported by this software. And all devices of Android operating systems can be supported with this software, including the latest Android OS.

So now, let's just get the right version of this software and follow the below tutorial to clear search history on Android phone!

User Guide: How to Clear Search History on Android

Step 1. After opening the installed software on the computer via the USB cord, get your Android phone connected to the computer and then let this software detect your device and scan for all the saved files on your Android device.

launch android mobile eraser

Step 2. Then you can select the wanted files by ticking them out that you want to remove from Android device. Finally, hit the Erase option to clear search history on Android.

(Note: At the current version, it only allows you to Erase All Data at one time. But this software will be improved in the coming versions.)

clear search history on android

With this professional Android Mobile Eraser software, it can be as easy as pie to remove search history from Android within simple clicks!


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