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One Click to Clear Youtube History on Android

Every time when you want to download some videos of your favorite artist, the latest music videos or some stuff to your private purpose, you can go to YouTube to find and download any videos as you wanted and needed. But do you know that all YouTube history will be saved on your device when you finish your searching process? And these YouTube history won't perish automatically, thus eroding your precious storage space bit by bit and potentially leaking your personal information while some private info. has been saved on the YouTube history!

Therefore, you have every valid reasons to delete YouTube history on Android at regular times. Here, you can rely on this Android Mobile Eraser software to remove YouTube history from Android within simple clicks. With this software, it is just a piece of cake to clear YouTube history on Android, as well as other unwanted junk files like app crash logs, photo caches, download temp files and many more. With this software, you can easily free up as much space and speed up your Android device to the best.

Below are the free trial versions of this software! Just download the right version and give it a try by yourself! This software will surely let you down!

Tutorial: How to Clear YouTube History on Android

Step 1. To start with, open the installed software on the computer and then get your Android phone to the computer via the USB cord. Then it will detect your device and scan for all files saved on your device.

launch android mobile eraser

Step 2. After that, all the detected files will be arranged on the main interface for your reference. You can then enter the right tab to preview more detailed file information. While previewing, select the wanted files by ticking them out. Finally, hit the Erase option to clear YouTube history on Android.

(Note: At the current version, it only allows you to Erase All Data at one time. But this software will be improved in the coming versions.)

delete youtube history on android

So want to quickly clear YouTube history on Android? This professional Android Mobile Eraser software is surely the one you are looking for!


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