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Guide on How to Delete Backup on Android

Backing up Android files is a wise choice to avoid data loss. But if you choose to backup your files on Android phone directly, you will find that these backup take up too much space of the device which make it run slowly or even cause some other problems. Therefore, it is essential to delete backup on Android which is needless or useless.

To remove Android backup, you can elect to perform the deleting process on the storage application directly or ask a professional Android data eraser for help.

Method 1. Delete Backup on Android via Google Account

Some users would backup their data on Android via Google account. Thus, you are able to remove the undesired from Google as well. The details of this means can be:

- Log in your Google account with the right ID and passcode.

- Open the application launcher and go to Settings. In the Settings section, select the Personal option and then choose Backup & Reset. Here, just tap on the check boxes near to Back up My Data and Automatic Restore options to disable the feature.

- Now go back to the Settings interface by clicking on the Back option. Next, tap on Personal Dictionary and tap a word in it. Then trash the Trashbin icon on the Google keyboard.

- Next, you need to tap on Voice Search option and uncheck the box next to Personal Recognition to remove the personal voice profile from your Google's server.

- At last, go back to App launcher and navigate to Play Store. Then click on the three-dot icon at the upper right at this page and select My Apps option. Now you can tap on the All option to see all the backup files. Just tap on the X icon next to each unwanted application to delete them.

Method 2. Remove Android Backup Permanently with Android Data Eraser

There is another quicker and easier way to remove Android backup- use Android Mobile Eraser. With this software, you can delete all the backups on your Android phone within simple clicks.

Here is how to remove Android backup with the help of the program:

- Download and install the suggested software on your Win or Mac computer according to the instructions.

win android mobile eraser mac android mobile eraser

- Launch the tool and connect your Android phone to the computer and make it be recognized by the program.

delete android backup

- Select and tap on the Erase All Data button on the interface to erase all the files on your device permanently.

remove android backup

Notice: This tool will wipe all the files on your Android phone. So, you can select to backup the wanted data from Android to computer at first.

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