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How to Permanently Erase Android Text Messages?

Everyone know how to delete a message from their Android phone, but they may don't know how to permanently delete one message on the device. Most people think that a simple deletion can help them delete all unnecessary info from the Android phone permanently, but the fact have proved that you're totally wrong. A simple deletion can't guarantee that the deleted message will never be restored, so you need to find other program to help you delete your needed Android messages and ensure the erasing quality. That's why Android Mobile Eraser is recommended here.

With it, you're not only allowed to wipe text messages from Android permanently, you're also enabled to erase data like contacts, call logs, photos, browsing history, etc. from Android phone or tablet with 1 simple click. What's more, the deleted data will never be restored with any technical recovery program on the Internet, so your personal info will get the best protection. Now, just get the free trial version on your Windows or Mac computer, and then please follow the below steps to begin your own SMS erasing process.

How to Erase Text Messages on Android with Android SMS Eraser?

Step 1. Follow the guidance on the program to finish the installation on your computer, then launch it. Now, you can connect your Android phone to the computer and make it be recognized by the program. Then you'll get an interface like below:

launch android mobile eraser

Step 2. After that, you can see the info of your Android phone have been shown in the program, and you can select "Erase All Data" in the program to scan and erase all contents on your Android phone with 1 simple click.

erase android text messages


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