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How to Wipe/Erase Data on Android before Selling?

Let's suppose that you just get a new brand Android phone and you have transferred all your needed data from the old Android phone to the new one, then how would you deal with the old device? Selling it on the online store? Donating it to charitable issue? Or sending it to your nephew, friends or anyone you like? Obviously, no matter what decision you'll make, your personal info will face a high risk of losing, or leaking out. For most Android users, they'll delete all data on their device and return to factory resetting before passing their mobile phone to other people, but they may don't know that these kinds of deleted data can be restored with a simple Android Mobile Recovery software. Thus, in order to protect your privacy info, you'd better to find another effective way to ensure the deleted data will never be restored.

Under this situation, we could like to strongly recommend a reliable yet professional data erasing software for your reference - Android Mobile Eraser. With it, you can directly wipe everything on your Android without restoring. Contacts, messages, personal accounts&passwords, call logs, photos, etc. are all supported by this handy tool. And it requires no professional skills for both beginners and experts.

Now, just click the below icons to begin the whole process.

How to Permanently Erase or Wipe Data from Android Devices?

Since the erasing process will permanently erase all data and leave no opportunity to anyone for restoring, so please backup your Android data before you start it.

Step 1. Install the program on your Windows or Mac computer, then launch it. Here, you'll see the main interface of the program on your computer. Connect your Android phone to the computer and make it be recognized by the program.

launch android data eraser

Step 2. Select "Erase All Data" button in the program, and then, the program will start to wipe everything on your Android device permanently.

start to clear android data


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