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How to Erase Data from Android Phone - 4 Efficient Ways For You

Why need to learn how to erase phone permanently? Because simple "Delete" is unsafe!

Do you know where the data that were deleted by the normal way went? Did they really disappear and free up the space that they took up? The answer is the deleted data will free up portion storage but not all of them. If you don't know how to delete data from Android phone permanently, you may meet the situation like you delete the files that you don't want but the available space is less than the storage of the deleted files before. So, that can still make your phone become slower if you use the normal way just by clicking the button of "Delete".

What's more, in this way, the deleted data on your phone can still be recovered by any data recovery tool. This will put your deleted personal information on your old android phone at great risk if you want to sell your Android to the stranger. It's really necessary to learn how to clean all data from Android phone with 100% unrecoverable.

how to delete data from android phone permanently

♦ Method 1: How to Delete Data from Android Phone Permanently Using Android Mobile Eraser

♦ Method 2: How to Clean All Data from Android Phone with Secure Eraser

♦ Method 3: How to Erase Android Phone SD Card (If Your Android Has One)

♦ Method 4: How to Delete Everything on Your Android Phone via Factory Rest

Methods 1: How to Delete Data from Android Phone Permanently by Using Android Mobile Eraser

The best way that I want to recommend you is to use a program designed to permanently erase phone memory on Android - Android Mobile Eraser. Taking advantage of the simple and efficient program can easily help you wipe out all the data inside the Android phone permanently.

Main Features of Android Mobile Eraser:

  1. One click to erase all data on Android devices.
  2. Erase all kinds of files from Android, including photos, music, videos, movies, contacts, and many more.
  3. Be compatible with lots of different mobile brands with Android system like Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG, Motorola, and so on.
  4. Support not only Windows OS but also Mac.
  5. Easy to use and 100% permanent.

How to delete cell phone data permanently can be handled by Android Mobile Eraser to save your time and protect your personal information. Just click the download button and follow the tutorial below to have a free trial, you will enjoy the trip of how to erase everything on your phone.

Note: Before you use this professional program, you'd better back up your Android phone data at first because the erasing process performed by the program is 100% permanent.

Step 1: Install the program and connect your Android device to the computer.

Using a USB cable to connect your Android phone to the computer after installing and launching the tool. After successful connection, the program interface will be like this.

wipe everything on android

Step 2: Set up the program on the computer.

Click the button of "Erase" and choose the security level that you want. There are 3 levels for you, the "Low Level", the "Medium Level" and the "High Level", select one of them and hit "OK" to confirm your choice.

How to Wipe Everything on Android

Step 3: Start the process of erasing data on your Android.

Now, you should type the word "delete" in the box and press on the icon of "Erase" to start to scan and overwrite the Android device. Choose "Factory data reset" on your device to secure your data better when the process ends.

Erase Everything from Android

Look, you have finished the process on how to erase your phone memory by using Android Mobile Eraser. Very easy, right? I told you that you will like this professional Android erasing tool.

Tips: What should you do when you delete the data on Android phone by accident? These data will be marked as the deleted one on your Android at first and will be retained on the phone until other data overwrites the same space with the deleted data. So, if you accidentally delete data from your Android phone, you can stop using the phone and recover them as soon as possible. The page of "How to Recover Lost Files from Android" can help you solve this situation.

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Method 2: How to Clean All Data from Android Phone with Secure Eraser

Secure Eraser is a free application that supports to erase the Android data you had deleted before. You can use this app to realize permanently removing data you had deleted from your Android device. The detail steps are below.

Step 1: Download the app and set the erasing storage and method.

Launch the program and you need to select the target storage, the internal storage or the external storage, that you want to erase. If you are using an SD card, select "External", otherwise, you should choose "Internal". Tap the options icon and choose "Random" for the best erasing results.

delete everything on my phone

Step 2: Permanently erase the files that you had deleted.

Press on the button of "Start" to begin the process. This application will overwrite the empty space with random data to get rid of the deleted data and delete the random data when the process is finished.

how to clean all data from android phone

The erasing will need more than 30 minutes to clean all data from your Android. You can operate when you don't need the Android device.

Method 3: How to Erase Android Phone SD Card (If Your Android Has One)

Some Android user will use an SD card on their Android device to store the data in it. Hence, they want to erase the microSD card as well when they erase the data on the internal storage from Android. Of course, don't forget to backup the important data from the SD card before erasing the files.

Step 1: Backup the SD card.

Connect your Android to the computer and go to "Computer"/"My Computer" on the computer. Then enter your device, navigate to the SD card and then drag and drop all the files to the desktop on the computer as a backup. Now, you can disconnect the Android.

how to erase phone

Step 2: Erase the SD card.

Enter "Settings" app and find the icon of "Storage" to tap on. Go to the bottom of the screen, press on "Erase SD card"/"Format SD card" to start erasing. If your SD card has the password, you need to type the password to continue.

android erase all data

Method 4: How to Delete Everything on your Android Phone via Factory Reset

How to delete everything on my phone? The common way is to use factory reset, a function that every Android phone has. It is more complex and time - consuming to operate and there are a bit more steps to delete data from Android phone permanently. Here are the details to erase all data on my phone via factory reset:

Step 1: Encrypt device storage.

First, you should plug the charger into your Android and keep the device will be charged all the time, because it will take several hours for you to accomplish the process.

Then, go to the "Settings" app, find the option of "Security"/"Lock screen & security" to enter, and now, you should choose "Encrypt phone"/"Protect encrypted data"

how to delete cell phone data

Step 2: Factory reset the Android phone.

If you are using Samsung, you need to open the "Settings" and click "General Management". Then, tap on the button of "Rest", click on the "Factory data reset" and select "Reset device".

erase phone memory

On a Huawei device, go to "Settings", choose the "System" icon and tap "Rest". Here, press on "Factory data reset" and then hit the "Reset" option.

how to erase everything on your phone

If your Android is a Google Pixel, enter Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Reset options -> Erase all data (factory reset) -> Reset phone.

how to delete everything on your android phone

After you finish the operation, it's safe for you to sell the old Android to the strangers now, because the deleted data were encrypted and won't be recovered.

Step 3: Overwrite with abandoned data.

This step is to further confirm that your old Android phone has cleaned up all the data if you are still worried about the deleted data on your phone. Use the abandoned data to overwrite the encrypted data on Android.

All above the steps is the method of how to use factory reset to realize permanently delete Android phone data.


In the course of reading this article, you can realize using an efficient and simple tool - Android Mobile Eraser is the best way on how to delete data from Android phone permanently. Compared with other complex and time - consuming methods on how to erase phone, Android Mobile Eraser not only can save your time but easy to operate. With it, you will not worry about whether the data are completely erased or not. There are no reasons for you to refuse such a professional and safe eraser to erase all your personal and private information on your Android device. Why not have a free trial on this eraser immediately?


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