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How to Delete Photos on Android Devices Permanently?

Photos on the Android device always be treated as the personal privacy info that you don't want others know without restrictions, especially for some photos that you have deleted and never wish any one knows. But you know, in the modern digital life, all data on the Internet are not 100% safe, so for some privacy photo, if you have decided to delete them from your mobile phone or tablet, you'd better to ensure they have been deleted permanently. Otherwise, your deleted pictures will still face the problem of data losing or leaking out. So in order to protect your personal info, you have to find an ideal solution to avoid these situations, but the problem here is how to do it?

It is no doubt that people can delete photos on Android devices by simply clicking the "Delete" option on the device, but these deleted data always can be easily found back by a simple Android Data Recovery software. So here we could like to strongly recommend this Android Photo Eraser program as your assistant. With it, you can directly wipe all kinds of data on your Android devices completely and leave no opportunity to other people to restore. So you need to backup these photos before erasing it.

Now, you can get the free trial version of this Android Photo Eraser program, and then follow the instructions to wipe photos off Android as you like.

How to Erase Photos/Pictures from Android Devices Permanently?

First of all, just link your Android phone like Samsung Galaxy S6/5, Note, or HTC One, etc. to the computer with USB cable, then the program will detect your device and remind you that an Apk file is installing on your device for using this program.

launch android mobile eraser

When your Android phone is detected, you can see an interface like below. Here, just simply choose the button of "Erase All Data" and begin the erasing process on your Android device.

Note: At present, this program only allows users to erase the whole contents on Android, so please backup your other data well.

delete photos on android


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