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How to Erase Contacts on Android Permanently?

Delete a contact from your address book is not a tough task for every Android users, but how to ensure the effect of deletion is not temporary, but permanent? Obviously, you have troubled by this problem, right? You may know that deleted or lost contacts can be restored on your Android devices with a simple Android Data Recovery software, so a simple deletion can't ensure the security of your personal private info, especially something you don't want anyone know.

Therefore, here we could like to recommend a 3rd-party application called Android Mobile Eraser to help you delete Android contacts permanently and completely. The erased contacts by this way will never be restored with any recovery program on the market. So you'll never worry about your personal contacts info will be leaked out by others. Cool, right? Now, just click the below icon to get this prominent tool and follow the instructions to learn how to erase Android contacts on PC/Mac easily.

Android Contacts Eraser - How to Permanently Wipe Contacts on Android?

Please backup your Android contacts before begin the whole process. Or use the Phone Transfer program to backup all your Android contents to computer.

Now, it is time to connect your Android phone to the computer with USB cable, then launch the Android contacts eraser program. Then you'll see an interface like below:

launch android data eraser

At present, this program only allows you to erase all contents from Android at one time, but in the coming versions, you're allowed to choose the file types for erasing on your Android mobile phone. So now, you can click "Erase All Data" to return your device like a brand new. After that, you can use the Phone Transfer again to restore the backed up data to the erased Android data soon.

start to delete contacts from android


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How to Erase Contacts on Android Permanently