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How to Wipe Everything on Android without Restore?

Everyone knows they need to delete all data on the Android phone and return the phone to factory resettings before giving up the old phone. But they don't know that the deleted data in this way can be restored with some special Android data recovery software. So your personal data are still facing the high risk of leaking out. Anxious? Take it easy, you can solve the problem here now.

Android Mobile Eraser is a functional data erasing program for Android users. It allows users to scan your Android files and find all contents & settings on it, then destroy and erase them deeply. And it is compatible with almost all popular Android brands on the market, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, etc. What's more, this tool is easy to use and requires no professional skills for both beginners and experts. Now, just follow the below steps to begin the erasing journey.

Tips: Since the data cannot be restored after the erasing, so please backup all your important data to other security places before starting the process.

How to Permanently Wipe out Android Data without Restore?

Connect your Android phone to computer with USB cable, and then launch it. Here, you can see an interface like below:

launch android data eraser

When your phone is detected by the program, you can see an interface like below. Here, just simply click "Erase" button.

wipe everything on android

After that, you will see the following interface. Just click on "Medium" to choose an erasing level and hit "OK" to confirm your option.

Wipe Everything on Android

On the "Erase All Data" interface, please type in "delete" in the blank box and hit the "Erase" button at the bottom right corner. After that, the software will start scanning and overwriting your Android data.

How to Wipe Everything on Android
When the overwriting process ends, you can select to factory reset your device which can better secure your data.

Erase Everything from Android


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