Google Assistant on an Android phone

Juggling a busy life can be tough. Between work deadlines, errands, and social commitments, it’s easy for important things to slip through the cracks. Thankfully, our trusty smartphones come equipped with helpful tools to keep us on track. In this article, we’ll give you the magic of using Google Assistant on Android for reminders.

Setting Reminders with Your Voice on Google Assistant

Gone are the days of meticulously typing out reminders in a to-do list app. Google Assistant on Android allows you to set reminders using just your voice! Here’s how it works:

Google Assistant on an Android phone
Google Assistant on Android for Reminders

Wake Up Your Assistant

There are two ways to activate Google Assistant on Android. You can either long-press the home button on your phone (if applicable) or say the wake phrase, which is typically “Hey Google” or “OK Google.”

Tell it What to Remember

Once the Assistant is listening, simply speak a clear and concise sentence to set your reminder. For example, you can say “Hey Google, remind me to call Mom at 5 pm.”

Confirmation is Key

Google Assistant on Android will repeat your reminder back to you for confirmation. If everything sounds correct, just say “Yes” or “OK” to solidify it.

Want to add more details to your reminder? No problem! You can include specifics like location or recurrence. For instance, you can say “Hey Google, remind me to pick up milk when I’m at the grocery store tomorrow.”

Setting Reminders Through Text with Google Assistant on Android

While voice commands are incredibly convenient, there might be situations where speaking out loud isn’t ideal. Assistant on Android also allows you to set reminders through text. Here’s how:

Open the Google Assistant App

Locate the Google Assistant app on your Android device and launch it.

Tap the Compose Button

In the bottom right corner of the app screen, you’ll see a circle with a line in the centre – that’s the compose button. Tap it to begin typing your reminder.

Type Your Reminder

Just like with voice commands, be clear and concise when typing your reminder.

Set the When and Where (Optional)

While typing your reminder, you can also tap the clock or location icon to set a specific time or location for the reminder to pop up.

Advanced Reminders with Google Assistant on Android

Assistant on Android offers some additional features to customize your reminders and make them even more helpful. Let’s give you some of these:

Recurring Reminders

Need a reminder for something that happens regularly? No problem! When setting a reminder, you can specify how often it should repeat – daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly.


Moreover, for complex tasks, you can break them down into smaller subtasks within your reminder. This way, you have a clear step-by-step guide to completing the overall task.

Labelled Reminders

Assign labels or categories to your reminders for better organization. For example, you can create labels like “Errands,” “Work,” or “Personal” to categorize your reminders accordingly.

Managing Your Reminders with Google Assistant on Android

Keeping track of your reminders is easy with Assistant on Android. Here’s how:

Open the Google Assistant App

Just like setting reminders through text, launch the Assistant app on your Android device.

View Your List

Furthermore, you’ll see a list of all your upcoming reminders displayed on the main screen of the app.

Mark Completed Reminders

Finished a task? Simply swipe right on the reminder to mark it as completed. It will then disappear from your active reminder list.

Edit or Delete Reminders

Need to change the details of a reminder or delete it altogether? Swipe left on the reminder and tap on the edit or delete icon that appears. You can also access and manage your Assistant on Android reminders through your Google Calendar app.


By utilizing Google Assistant on Android for reminders, you can ensure that important tasks and appointments never slip your mind. Whether you prefer the convenience of voice commands or the control of typed reminders, Google Assistant has you covered. With its additional features like recurring reminders, subtasks, and labels, you can truly customize your reminder system to fit your specific needs. So, ditch the sticky notes and embrace the power of Assistant on Android.

By Sam

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