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How to Switch from Samsung to iPhone

Why you wish to change phone from a popular Samsung Galaxy S6 to iPhone 7 or 6S plus? We know that Samsung Galaxy series is one of the most popular smart phones on the market in recent years, and act as the biggest competitor of Apple's iPhone series, no one can say which one is better. Actually, for most people, the only constant with Samsung and Apple is change. Every year is feels like they try something different. So when the new Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus is released, you may also wish to get one to enjoy the new features, right? Thus, we write this article to help you easily change phone from Samsung to iPhone by yourself.

To switch from Samsung to iPhone, here are something you have to do:

1. Prepare enough money to get the new device;
2. Backup all contents on your old Samsung phone so that you'll never lose any important data during the transferring process;
3. Find a reliable phone transfer program to help you move data from old phone to new one with 1 simple click;
4. Erase your old phone data before giving up the old Samsung phone.

You can greatly protect your personal info from leaking out after doing the above 4 steps, and here we could like to recommend an all-round Mobile Phone Transfer for your reference. Now, you can backup your Samsung phone data, make a data switch from Samsung to iPhone, erase all contents on Samsung phone with 1 simple tool. Cool, right? Now, just get it on your Windows or Mac computer, and then follow the instructions to begin your own transferring process.

Steps on Switching Phones from Samsung to iPhone 7/6S/6/5S Easily

mobile phone transfer

Launch the program and go with the prompts on the screen to connect two mobile phones to your computer with 2 USB cords. Here, in order to make your iPhone be recognized, you need to install the latest iTunes on your computer. And if the operating system of your Samsung phone is 4.2 or above, you need to tap on "Allow" or "OK" when a window pops up on your Android phone. Then you will get an interface as below:

samsung to iphone transfer

Select the contents you wish to transfer on the program, and then hit the "Start Transfer" button to begin the whole process. You can check the detailed process in the program as you like.


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