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How to Sync Photos to iPhone X or iPhone 8 from Other Mobile Phones?

iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus would be the most popular devices in these days. These three new products equip powerful features which would give better using experience to their customers. Therefore, majority of people tend to buy and use a new iPhone to get more fun from these portable devices. This would be a good thing.

However, some worries come at the same time. And among these annoyances, the most concerned one would be photos transmission problem. As we all know, mobile phone is a small camera for us now. More and more pictures are taken and stored in our phones so we can record the unforgettable moments and view the images anytime and anywhere. But how can we move them to a new phone when we decide to switch to an iPhone X/8/Plus?

It's OK! Nothing is impossible! To make you copy the pictures from your previous phone to a new iPhone effortlessly and quickly, this tutorial is written to introduce the easiest way of moving photos from phone to phone. Just read and get the solution from it!

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The Easiest Way to Sync Photos to iPhone X/8 from Other Phones

There are lots of methods to accomplish the transferring process between two phones. But in order to simplify the transmission, you are strongly recommended to use a third-party software- Mobile Phone Transfer. With it, you can transfer different kinds of data like photos, music, contacts, etc. from Android mobile phone/iPhone to iPhone/Android device. It must be the best helper in phone to phone transfer.

phone transfer for win phone transfer for mac

For your reference, the specific steps to export photos from used phone to iPhone X/8/7 with the tool are listed below. You can take a look!

1. Launch the program and select "Phone to Phone Transfer"

Run the installed program on your computer and then connect two mobile phones to your computer with USB cable. After that, you will see four modes listed on the interface like below:

move photos from used phone to iphone x

Just elect "Phone to Phone Transfer" and hit the "Start" button to make your devices be detected.

2. Transmit Photos to iPhone 8 or iPhone X

After the exploration, you can see two devices have been displayed in the program. Tick the "Photos" file in the top menu and hit the "Start Transfer" option to copy and backup your pictures from your old phone to the new iPhone.

how to move photos to new iphone from other phones

Easy, right? So don't hesitate, just try to sync the photos to your new phone so that you enjoy them as soon as possible.

win phone transfer download mac phone transfer download

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