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How to Transfer Apps to New Phone

After using your Android phone for several years, you probably plan to replace it with a new phone. Well, changing into a new phone is by no means a matter of buying a new device, have you ever thought of all the files saved in your Android phone such as apps? Why not transfer Android apps to new phone?

After all, it is totally a waste of time and energy to re-download all the same apps to your new phone all over again. Now, with this Phone Transfer software, you can effortlessly sync apps from Android to new phone, as well as other files like contacts, messages, photos, videos and many more. More importantly, this software is fully compatible with all devices running Android and iOS systems, so you are free to transfer any files among these devices as desired and wanted.

Now, you can download the right version of this software give it a try by yourself!

Guide to Sync Apps from Android to New Phone

First of all, open the installed software on the computer and then get two devices connected to the computer via the USB cords.

mobile phone transfer

Then enter the Apps file tab to preview more detailed file information, and you can tick out the wanted files by ticking them out. Finally, hit the Start Copy button to transfer Android apps to new phone.

android to android transfer

Notice: This software only supports to transfer apps from Android to Android presently.

Now what you need to do is just to wait patiently for the process to get completed within a little while.


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