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How to Transfer Calendars between Two Android

When you're planning to switch phone from one to another, you always need to consider the problem of data transition. Obviously, you may not only wish to move the crucial contacts or message to the new device, other schedul info like calendar, notes, etc. are also on the top list in your mind, right? However, you can't use a simple USB cable to reach your goal, so here you're eager to find an effective way to copy Android calendar from the old phone to new one.

Under this situation, you may try to find a solution on the Internet, and you find that a program called Phone Transfer are recommended by lots of mobile phone users. With it, you can easily and quickly transfer data like calendar, notes, contacts, text messages, etc. from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, iPhone to iPhone, etc. without hassle.

Below is the free trial version of the Android to Android Transfer program, you can download and install them on your Windows or Mac computer, then please follow the instructions to begin your own calenar transference.

How to Transfer Android Calendar from One to Another?

To begin with, just connect Android devices to computer with USB cables, then launch the program and select the "Phone to Phone Transfer" and hit "Start" to detect your connected device.

Check the detected devices have been displayed in the right place in the program, you can tick the files of "Calendar" and then hit the image icon to begin the whole transferring process.


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