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Transfer Call Logs from Android to iPhone

When switching a phone from Android to iPhone, you may also wish to move some files from the old Android to new iPhone, right? Apart from contacts, photos, call logs could be another crucial data you don't want to lose, right? Obviously, call logs will record all your incoming and out coming calls in your daily life and work, and these records can't be moved from one to another with a simple USB cable. So you should turn to a professional phone transfer program to help you reach the goal.

If you have tried to find a proper tool on the Internet, you may have faced tons of related searching results in the searching pages. So in order to save your time on selecting a proper 3rd-party tool as your assistant, here we could like to strongly recommend Phone Transfer for your reference. With it, you can easily and quickly transfer Android call logs to iPhone, and you're also allowed to copy other data like contacts, SMS, apps, photos, etc. from Android phone to iPhoen as easy as 1-2-3. Furthermore, if you wish to transfer call logs from iPhone to Android, this program also can help you reach it.

Tutorials on Transferring Call Logs from Android Phone to iPhone

First of all, select "Phone to Phone Transfer" after launching the program. Then connect your Android and iPhone to the computer with USB cables. Then hit "Start" button to detect your connected devices.

Now, your Android and iPhone have been displayed in the program at the same time, you can tick the data of "Call Logs" and hit the image icon in the middle of the panel to begin the transference as you like.


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