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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

We all know that Android and iPhone is the most welcomed mobile phone on the market, so it is inevitable that you may have an Android phone and iPhone at the same time, or you may switch from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android due to different reasons. Thus, you may need to share contacts list between two different phones for some specific purposes, but you find that things are not easy as you imagine. It is no doubt that moving data between two phones is a daunting process, so in this article, we could like to show you a simple method to reach the goal.

Of course, you can type the contacts information to your phone one by one, but you have to admit that it is a time-consuming task, and if you have a hundreds of contacts need to move, things could be troublesome, right? So today, we could like to introduce a poweful Mobile Phone Transfer here. With it, you can easily transfer contacts from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android at seconds. What's more, besides contacts, other info like messages, music, photos, etc. can also be transferred between two different phones as you like.

Cool, right? Now, just get the program and follow the below steps to begin your own journey on transferring contacts from Android to iPhone.

Android to iPhone Transfer - Transfer Android Contacts to iPhone

Step 1. Download and launch the program on your Windows or Mac computer, and then connect your Android and iPhone to the computer and the program will detect your devices and show them in the interface.

mobile phone transfer

Step 2. Tick the option of "Contacts" in the middle panel or you can choose the contacts in the display list one by one. After that, you can click the "Start Copy" icon to start the transferring process.

transfer contacts from android to iphone

Wait for a few while, the process will be finished, and then you can view the Android contacts on your iPhone without restrictions. What's more, if you wish to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, you also can use the program and follow the above steps to reach your goal.

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